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Complaint by: on February 11, 2014, 6:12 am in Computers and Accessories

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Complaint date: 29 oct 2013

I would like to draw the attention of authorities of hcl towards the
issue that my laptop which i bought online from mr mohit jain;
official of hcl through ebay had some problem and a complaint was
registered in oct and even after 100days it has not been repaired

I have called countless times and mailed many times to hcl officials
but hcl do not seems to pay attentions towards the woes and discomfort
of customers

It is not suitable for a world class company

It was told to me that:-

The processor rem and motherbord were defective but the store has
stillnot shipped processor to the working technician

I m facing a lot of problem without laptop

No one is providing me a final answer

If hcl cannot repair it; it should be replaced

Every one seems to b coldblooded and no one is interested in taking
the customer grievance seriously

Please get it done with priority


Clearly state that hcl is not able to repair it and neither they will
replace it so that i buy a new laptop

In the process

I called customer care around 40 times each time the call costs is rs
20-30 ; they say they can only update me with the present status and
escalate the complaint. On multiple requests they provide me with
number of area manager silajit biswas who picked my phone only once
and said it would take same time.. How much time now?.. Thereafter he
never pick my phone such a busy person i am really amazed!

In most recent updates:-
Mr sneh bhardwaj customer care executive promissed me 2 month back
that my problem will be solved in 2 days definitely .... nothing

miss nilesh customer care executive talk to some mr lokesh and told me
my complaint will b resolved by 7 days today is 21th day and no action
has been taken!

Mr Sushi customer care executive told me 7 days back my problem will
be solved in 2 days..... nothing happened

Miss Priya Customer care executive promised me of a call back..... no
call back...

What a serious Cheating of consumer! Shameful!

I have mailed to hcltouch.dtlt many times only the answer come back is
,"please take care of this escalation" nothing happens

I mailed to customer.delight many times..... no response

The nodal officer seems to never read the complaints as mo response
other than autoreply from their point of view

Mr jain at least consoled me everytime in his words but my problm is
stil persisting...

Please answer me if hcl will repair/replace the laptop ir not...
If not i should buy new one so that i should not suffer

The famous hcl advt where a person wearing hcl shirts is greeted and
thanked by many seems to b a complete blasphemy by hcl ; where a
company least interested in customer satisfaction is boasting of
improving life of their customers!

I again repeat please state it clearly if u ppl cannot do anything for
a customer u can clearly say "we will not do; how hard u try" and i
will buy new laptop but "please wait 2 more days" doesn't seem to
fascinate me...

I m really irritated with hcl and its response to customers. If
someone can provide me number of nodal officer please provide me....
It would b great help from your end....

Shame on HCL...!

Dr virender verma

mobile: 8584074952

Complainant's Goal: i want the laptop be repaired/replaced and punish the faulty people
Complainant's Target: HCL Infosystems
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalBardhaman

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