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Complaint by: MOHIT JAIN on March 8, 2018, 4:24 pm in Travel Agencies

Order ID for Forex Hard Cash : FRX502841
On 15th Feb 2018 i had booked 200 Euro Currency in hard cash from the total amount of the order was 16301. The balance Amount i had transferred on 16th Feb 2018. Same after transferring the amount i had also sent all the document to my representative ( Mr Kamal Kukreja) on 16th feb 2018 itself.
I was promised on phone by their very same representative that the Money( 200 Euros) will be delivered to me by 21st Feb 2018 as i had a Journey Staring From 22nd Feb where i required the cash. However the same promised was not fulfilled even on the last day. I had tried reaching to on phone as well as email several time however each time i was told that i will get a call back within an hour which i never got. As a result i had to purchase the required cash from the other agencies at higher rates causing me financial loss of around Rs.3000. Even now i am calling them for the return of my money i get same response of calling me in some time.
I am really disappointed with them. I am filling a complaint for the money i transferred and the loss i incurred with interest.
Hope it will be answered here.
Mohit Jain

Complainant's Target: MATRIX
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNorth West Delhi
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Wed, 28 Jul 2021  surendra

A few days ago I bought some clothes from one of your shops but when I used them I came to know that the quality is very poor & bad when your clothes are more expenssive than the market price, Really feeling like cheated
A company like COBB should not sell such shoddy clothes.
you guys are covering up your customer
please give me my money back and take your precious clothes back

Wed, 14 Mar 2018   Message By Complainant MOHIT JAIN

Even after almost a week of complaint no response from the Website.

Fri, 09 Mar 2018 - Business Reply from - Matrix Cellular (MATRIX)

Hi Mohit,

We have received your email on this and are checking the issue on priority. Please allow us 24 hrs so that we can provide you an update on this.

Team Matrix