HCL Infosystems - HCL Infosystems not paying to VENDOR even after 4 months completion of services
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Complaint by: Accounts CDS on June 10, 2010, 5:31 pm in Others

We were given a PO of INR 926001- (Nine Lacs Twenty Six Thousand and One Rupees Only) for our services on server migration activities and related work, which got completed on 11th February 2010. Since, then HCL Infosystems persons are not paying us the committed amount as per the PO. As per the PO the 100% payment was to be released within 30 days of completion (maximum by 11th March 2010).

To ensure the sign-off, we mailed the concerned person of HCL to notify us of any pending work in our services, if exists, within 48 Hrs. duration, on which we did not received any objection / inputs, within that specified time. This confirms completion of our services as per the work order / scope defined at the time of initiation. That concerned person (Sharun) agreed upon as \"O.K. I WILL CLOSE THIS IN A DAY OR TWO\". This also confirms the acceptance of \"Our work successfully completed\". This person left HCL the very next month when our payment were to be released.

Thereon, new people joined the team and came forward giving their own reasons and statements to ensure the delay in payment as much as possible (Namely: Mr. Vibhor Misra, Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Mr. Girish Chawla and Mr. Anupam Misra)

On 26th April 2010, Mr. Vibhor Misra confirmed us on call that they have received that iNote (Sign-Off) from their client and that there are now no pendencies in our work and hence now our payment release will initiate very soon. (.....Still waiting.......under process......... - 10th june 2010)

After completion of work, scope of which was only one-time setup, they are now forcing us to provide the on-going support in same cost only then they will release our payments. Past 5/6 weeks they are committing us that they will release our payment in following week. Week-by-week number of days have passed and they have not even processed our documents to their accounts for payment release.

Finally senior authority in HCL Mr. Anupam Misra met us on 4th June 2010 (evening) and committed that he will get 70% payment release in start of following week (7/8th June 2010) only on condition that we agree to provide our additional services to their clients in same cost upon completion of which they will then give us rest 30% payment of the committed PO amount and HELP THEM GET THEIR 8 SERVERS RELEASE FORM CLIENT WHICH WERE TO BE REMOVED IN FEBRUARY 2010.

They are kind-of blackmailing us by blocking our money to get the problems solved which were created by their own team.

We still agreed upon and initiated the work process, based upon their commitment of releasing 70% amount before starting the next job and keeping in mind of long term professional relationships. Today when we again asked them for giving us the 70% amount as per commitment, they said payments are not processed in 1 day. To our surprise, after getting checked from their accounts dept., we came to know that after such activities and efforts of ours, they have not even forwarded any of the payment processing documents to their accounts department, which of course is VERY DISAPPOINTING.

And now, we received another call from another sales person (Mr. Gaurav Gupta) in HCL who asked us to continue the clients services (which were out of our scope) only on basis of COMMITMENT that \"they will release our payments\".

Please help us get our payment released ASAP as blockage of this payment has affected our financial flow and hampered our financial reputation and bank statements.

We can provide the mail trails on payments / follow-ups / work done and PO copy. Please help us on this ASAP.

Complainant's Goal: We want our 100% payment ASAP for services that we have given
Complainant's Target: HCL Infosystems
Complaint Location: IndiaNOIDA

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Mon, 12 Dec 2011  Vanketsh

consult lawyer and take them to consumer court. look like HCL is sick in paying.

Sat, 03 Jul 2010  visitor

I am also the victim of same topic which you have posted, when try to reach them, they threaten me not to call again.

Thu, 10 Jun 2010  Message from iComplaints.in Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to HCL Infosystems on June 10, 2010, 5:31 pm