Dell Computers - Dell Laptop LCD is getting damaged frequently
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Complaint by: Senthil on July 26, 2011, 9:38 am in Computers and Accessories


I am probably one of the dissatisfied customers for Dell but unfortunately I am dissatified within 6 month of purchase.

From the time I purchased the Dell Laptop around October 2010 I am having issues continuosly. Pls find the problems I faced given below

1. My new laptop had some hardware issues as identified by Dell technician after running hardware tests and the laptop was replaced within a week from the purchase
2. After I got a new unit I used to have wireless issues (disconnecting from Modem frequently) but it got solved automatically within two days
3. Then my Web Cam stopped working in 2nd month
4. There is absolutely nothing I did but my laptop screen developed a crack automaticall and I had to replace it by paying around S$350 for no fault of mine since its not covered under warranty
5. The tech who came to replace the LCD panel helped to repair the webcam but it stopped working within three days
6. Most dissatifying thing is I was charged S$150 as labour charge for replacement of LCD screen which is S$200. But If I would have replaced the same when engineer came to my place to diagnise it would have been free, I dont understand why such clauses. The support I purchased when I bought my laptop looked meaningless (Labour support included as part of it)
7. Within two months the new LCD screen developed a crack again, again absolutely nothing done from my end. The laptop was not even closed this time and all happened within 30 mins from the last shutdown and no user intervention between this duration.
8. Again I was informed to pay I need to get the LCD panel replaced. I requested the Dell technician to check my laptop since its getting overheated normally and this issue is repeating. The laptop was never dropped or nothing hit the LCD panel, without any user intervention the Panel develops a crack and I am sure this would be repeated if I continue to replace the panel. I dont want to check with a outside technician since Dell clearly told that if the laptop is opened by outside tech, the warranty will be void.

The Dell technician is not even ready to analyse the problem since for him the LCD panel issue is out of warranty but for me I had used laptops for more than 10 yrs now and also using multiple laptops at home but this is the only laptop which is developing crack Hence I am sure that the unit is faulty moreover its getting overheated compared to my other laptops but the Dell techs are not even offering to analyse the issue and only eager to charge me more for replacing the part.

I am totally frustated and annoyed at this behavior, for no fault of mine I am penalised and already payed S$350 for a new laptop (6 months old) and again had to pay another S$350 to replace it. At the replacement cost I can get a new laptop, not sure why Dell is not able to understand my problem?

This is my worst experience with any laptops I have worked with (IBM, HP, Dell & Toshiba), I only went for Dell since I thought its a very good brand and offer good Technical support but this experience of mine is totally upsetting. I will never ever return to Dell or will never suggest Dell to anyone else.I lost faith in Dell and have got a new HP laptop now.

If Dell could ever understand a customer concern and willing to solve their problem, pls look into my Dell Laptop to analyse what the real issue is.

K. P. Senthil Kumar
Mobile - 97489096
Home Line - 66399055
Address - 11-62, Block 149, Silat Avenue,Singapore - 160149

Complainant's Goal: Dell to analyse my faulty laptop
Complainant's Target: Dell Computers
Complaint Location: IndiaSingapore

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