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Complaint by: Arjun Singh Jadoun on May 15, 2018, 1:01 pm in Computers and Accessories

Unfortunately I met with an accident on 16th December 2017, in which my laptop (DELL VOSTRO 15 5568, Express Service Code- 15838162526 and SERVICE TAG- 79XMSF2) got damaged. I immediately called up the technical support for help, they suggested me to go to service center where service center asked me to submit the laptop and come after 1 week. I did the same and got a call from DELL Client resolution team (Mr. Krishna Dutta Mishra) asking me to replace the laptop with a refurbished laptop, I denied and asked for the repairing of the same laptop. They first agreed and wasted around 2 weeks and FORCED ME to agree for the replacement. I agreed on that as well.
DELL picked up the faulty system from my home on 18th of January 2018 and PROMISED ME TO REPLACE THE LAPTOP WITHIN 2-3 WEEKS. (copy of email and phone records must be strong proves, which I am having)

They provided me with a quotation with contradictory features stating VOSTRO 14 is going to replace my VOSTRO 15. I asked what this 14 and 15 in the name means? I called different departments of DELL to know the truth. ALL were saying that it means that it is the screen size, now if it is a screen size that it must not replace my laptop as it was 15inch screen and 2-3 people who were frequently in my contact replied that it's just a series and none other than that, Don't worry you will get the right laptop for which you have paid.

They were taking unnecessary time and keeping me on hold. I tried to get the correct status so that I can save my studies, but they always used to say that I will receive the laptop within next 4-5 days. (again I have copies of the mail).

Finally they replied that there is some government interaction (they did not specify what it is) So they are unable to do the needful and cannot ship the laptop directly to me and mentioned the location of purchase. I asked them, in order to control the already harmed studies and didn't want to harm it anymore, I replied that I am ready to pick the laptop from the location of purchase which is Gwalior(M.P.).

Then they asked me to go to location of purchase for collecting your system to Indore or Mumbai. I was shocked but somehow to save my losses without a system I agreed for Indore as well but then they asked me to go to Pune and now they started mentally harrassing me. They were literally making me a fool, I agreed for PUNE as well but they were not happy with that much of problem created to me they wanted to harrass me more so they ordered me to go and collect from DELHI, this time I denied and as the distance was 1000Km from jabalpur where I live and study and studying without laptop is not possible at least for me. I was having many projects which needed coding and many needs simulation and modelling all this requires a laptop, but due to not having laptop I lost at every stage. I even asked them, if you are unable to provide me then let me know, I will somehow arrange and purchase a new one but they kept their fake promises and trying to mentally harass me. They still don't want to give me the laptop.

Now my semester is over with many defeats just due to Laptop case and their fake promises. Only the number of persons handling this case has increased but the case has got NO END.
According to them, they have shipped the laptop to Indore but the owner of the company to whom they have shipped is not ready to give me the laptop as he is not clear with the process to close.

I am unable to understand that how does these people handle a such a big company. They still don't know the process how to close any case.

This is why, I am exhausted and feeling mentally harassed and want to file a case against DELL and these people involved in this case.

Email Ids of the people involved:-,,,,,,,,,

Kindly let me know if any other thing or document is required.

Complainant's Goal: To get the compensation of my losses and the invested money and time
Complainant's Target: Dell India Pvt. Ltd.
Complaint Location: IndiaMadhya PradeshGwalior

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