ICICI Direct - Yr RM Cheated on me
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Complaint by: Felicia on February 21, 2013, 12:04 pm in Banking and Finance

Dear Sirs,

I am writing in detail my grievance regarding my ICICI Prudential Insurance Policies (ICICI Direct)

I was an ICICI NRI account holder for almost 15 years. I returned to India in May 2010. And in June, 2010 one Ms Mahima Bagri called me and told me that she was calling from ICICI bank and that she was my new RM manager and that she had some good investment plan for me. I was happy that I would invest some of my savings in ICICI Bank which I was very comfortable to rely on. So I asked her to come to my residence in Bandra. So Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale came and showed me the investment plans and I agreed to invest. At that time I invested in 2 investments which are ok till date.

In Feb 2011 Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale came again and told me that there was a very good investment plan known as GSIP. So again she showed me the new investment. While I was investing I also asked her to open up separate fixed deposit account where I put in extra funds to make payments for my 12 policies instalments. I gave her a cheque/draft for Rs 3,04,635/- (charges included) in the name of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. So she did an investment for Rs 3,04,635/- (for 12 policies mentioned below) and another cheque for Rs. 2,00,000/- she opened a fixed deposit A/c No. 643614051350 (I was not aware of this fixed deposit). I did not get any info nor any documentation regarding the same. The fix deposit was in my name and she made a Direct Debit payment account separately A/c. No.643601503280 when the fix deposit would mature it was go in this account. The below mentioned investments are in my name Felicia Clayton Dharmai.

I am really furious & angry as they have explained something else altogether than what the policy really is.
I was informed to pay for 03 years & will be able to remove after 05 years I have it in Mahima’s own handwriting.
Now I come to know after all the calls & from the office that I have to pay for 07 years lock in period & keep for 15 years to get the results.
This was all my savings and my hard earned money not a joke.

GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15159927 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15160028 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15168452 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15159257 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15160362 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15159059 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan Policy No 15164609 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15158491 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15170587 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15170913 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan, Policy No 15170535 Rs.25386
GuaranteedSavingsInsurancePlan Policy No 15170986 Rs.25386

When I invested in the above policies I was every time after her to give me the fixed deposit account number and she would never give me. I was after her to do the direct payment service which she did not do. In February, 2012 she told me that it was very late to make the direct payment service so I had to make another draft for Rs 3,04,635/- (for the 12 certificates) in the name of ICICI Prudential for the 2nd payment of the above premiums. I was really upset and angry. Then she told me that for the 3rd premium payment would go directly from the fixed deposit account and that I should not worry about it. Initially when I was investing in the above 12 policies I have got in writing from Mahima Bagri that the investments are for 3 years.

Now I started getting reminder to make the payments for the 3rd premium in February, 2013. I was really surprised. I was under the impression that the funds would have gone directly from the Fixed A/c. No. 643614051350. I was really angry and upset and so I went to my ICICI Bank, Bandra and met the Manager and told him about what problem I was facing. So he explained to me what went wrong.

The Rs 2,00,000/- that was in the fixed deposit for the above policies was removed without my knowledge and put back in my saving account No. 003801527765 in July 2011. In 2011 my husband was very sick and he expired on 2nd August, 2011. In the same month Mahima Bagri came to my house and again told me about some new investment. At that point of time I was not in the state of mind due to the loss of my husband. And she made me sign some investment documents and asked me to sign some forms. In late 2012, I realised that the same 2,00,000/- that was removed from the Fixed Deposit was used for the below mentioned three policies without my knowledge.

1) Draft No.1512 for Rs. 1,00,000/- for Policy No. 15873743 for Rs. 53,009 and
for Policy No. 15875893 for Rs 46,991
Total Rs 1,00,000

2) Draft no. 1511 for Rs, 1,00,000/- for Policy No. 15873577 (she did not give me the deposit no.)

Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale (always came together ) even told me not to worry about any of my investments as there would always be deposit amounts which would take care of all my investments. So I was really not worried about it. In February, 2012 when I started receiving reminders for the payment of my 2nd instalments for the above three policies I was shocked.

Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale left ICICI Direct in early 2012. They did not even mention to me about them leaving the bank. Then one Mr Arvind Tiwari of ICICI Direct came to my house and told him that I had received some documents and I was not given deposit account nos. From Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale. I had several meetings with Mr Tiwari but was not happy about his work. He was aware of my investments as Mahima had introduced him to me in late 2012. I had not received the original police 15873577. I have been running to fro to meet Tiwari but he just turns blank about it and has no answer for me. Most of the time he does not know what he is talking about. I had to go online to find the grievance email. He kept asking his colleague info. I called his manager Mr.Rajeve still no call or help from him either.

I am really upset and angry about the above situation and would like to take up the matter seriously against Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale for cheating on me for the investments and they knew that I was an NRI and they knew how much of money I had and tried to hoax me in the matter.

I hope that this matter is resolved that I have raised. However, I wish to take action on your representatives Ms Mahima Bagri and Mr Gaurav Gokhale

I look forward to you favourable and an urgent meeting in the above matter.

Yours sincerely,

Felicia clayton Dharmai
45 C Chimbai Rd
Bandra West, Mumbai

Mob.No. 9619261023 and 7738800722

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back
Complainant's Target: ICICI Direct
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraMumbai

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Mon, 25 Feb 2013 - Business Reply from - ICICI Prudential Life (ICICI Direct)

Dear Ma'am(Dharmai),

We regret the inconvenience caused. Our representative will get in touch with you in the next 4 hours to assist you with your concern.

We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance