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Complaint by: Siva on May 22, 2009, 5:48 pm in Banking and Finance


My brother and I were doing shares trading through ICICIdirect.com. We did short selling L&T shares in F&O at Rs.950/-. After election results, the stock market raised to higher. L&T share rose to Rs. 1440/. The next day it came down to around Rs.1380/-. Therefore, we thought wait for some more time. We received a call from ICICI that it was better to square off the share because it would go further up. So I squared it off it at Rs. 1350/- . But that share came down to Rs. 1225/-. I got loss of Rs. 50000 /- due to wrong information by ICICIdirect.com.

So I request you all don’t believe in the information provided by ICICIdirect.com and the site too.

Siva Rama Krushna,

Complainant's Goal: to make other users cautious
Complainant's Target: ICICI Direct
Complaint Location: IndiaIndia

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