IOC Petrol Pump - Rude behavior by the manager and now by staff
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Complaint by: shekarnee1 on December 16, 2020, 2:38 pm in Others

My name is Chandrashekar S from Begumpet, Hyderabad. This is in continuation of the complaint(s) that I have raised before.

Hardly 2 weeks when I had raised the previous complaint about the misbehavior/ negative attitude of the Supervisor and not swiping the Citi Bank IOC card in the proper machine, today (29-Jan-2021), when I went to fill in the petrol, the petrol boy/ person who filled in the petrol was very rude in his behavior.

Also, when I paid for the petrol the person who swiped my card told me that I COULD GO AND RAISE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THEM WITH ANYONE AND SAID THAT NO ACTION CAN BE TAKEN AGAINST THEM AND THAT TOO BY RISING HIS HAND AS IF HE WAS MY BOSS. He almost pushed me literally (his attitude was that rude) when he said that I could raise a complaint against them with anyone and as I did not want any problems with such kind of people, I went to the Manager (Mr. Sagar, with whom I had interacted about 8-9 days ago and was given an assurance that such issues will not arise going forward), but hardly 10 days later similar kind of issue happened today.

I am given a feeling that may be this service center/ gas station seems to be encouraging such behavior to be followed by the employees there and INTENTIONALLY ARE TOLD THAT WHENEVER I GO TO FILL IN PETROL, THEY WANTED THOSE EMPLOYEES TO CREATE AN ISSUE BY MISBEHAVING/ TALKING RUDELY (to ensure that I LOSE MY SELF-RESPECT), as I have raised multiple complaints against this gas station earlier.

As a customer I go there to fill in petrol and make the payment and I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY SELF-RESPECT AND THAT TOO IN FRONT OF SUCH CHEAP PEOPLE as I pay for the petrol and it is not that the petrol is being given free of cost or that they can treat customers in this manner.

I am given a feeling that may be this gas station IS NOT ONLY TO SELL PETROL PRODUCTS BUT ALSO THE MAIN ACTIVITY SEEMS TO BE SOMETHING ELSE, LIKE MISBEHAVING, ILL-TREATING, HARASSING CUSTOMERS and try to feel happy at the end of the day.

If IOC cannot take proper action (even if this gas station can be SHUT DOWN), I will feel that the other gas stations in and around Hyderabad would come to know that IOC organization listens to its customers complaints and proper action would be initiated/ taken against such gas stations.

Complainant's Goal: The 2 staff are terminated and IOC Head, Hyd. should discuss regarding it
Complainant's Target: IOC Petrol Pump
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad
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3 months ago  Mohd Hasan Afaq

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4 months ago  Vijayanand

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11 months ago  Rakesh

Yes they cheat very often... be alert.