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I have purchased a Eureka Forbes Elegant RO on 16 Dec 14 for my personal use at my home comprising self, wife and one child. The RO machine was installed on 18 Dec 14 is being fed with clean bore well water. As self and wife are working, our consumption may not exceed about 10 ltrs/day also often we move on short holidays to native. Hence the usage of the RO machine high normal to minimal.
05 Dec 15
The said RO machine became defective on 29 Nov 15. As I was struck at Chennai, I could able to return to Coimbatore on 04 Dec 15 and made the formal complaint( no ********) on 05 Dec 15 morning requesting for earlier repair of the RO machine. No response on 05, 06 and 07 Dec 15. In a similar situation some three months back also the case was reported. After one week of multiple escalations no positive result was provided by the staff of the company.
07 Dec 15
On 07 Dec 15 evening, I had to call thrice the service department and need to escalate my service request. Then, multiple engineers close 5-10 calling me and telling me that they are coming for repair. Finally one Mr Veramani arrived at my house at about 1745 and without even checking anything or opening the machine declared that all four filters became defective and need to be replaced and I need to pay Rs 4000+. When he was reminded that the item is still on warranty, he adamantly told that, just with 10-15 days only warranty left for that machine hence he can't replace any item and it is the company policy. Also, he put a most hilarious false charge that the product warranty already lapsed in Jun 15 as per him. Then I requested him to explain as to how the product sticker showing the date of manufacture as 10/14(Oct 2014) can have a warranty even before manufacture. He was not ready to go through the receipt and installation report. When he was leaving without any efforts for repairing was requested as to why no signature or comments was not taken from customer on his service report? He replied that he need not take any signature or feedback from customer told that again it is a company policy. Later, when he was outside my house he blamed my wife as to she didn’t show the receipt. When told to go to my house and see the receipt he was not ready. All the discussions are recorded and available for cross checking.

As per various dictionaries warranty means that
'a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time'
As a sincere Defence Services Officer, with above definition in mind called up the Eureka Forbes Helpline, told the problem. They gave the mobile number of Mr Hari Jayaprakash Area Manager of Coimbatore. Briefed him for 30 mins, my problem. He was telling that all 4 filters could be defective. The warranty for filter is for 5000ltrs or 1 year. When it was clarified to him that neither 5000 ltrs or 1 year is not completed, finally, he agreed that I am authorized to get RO machine repaired free of cost as it is in warranty period and he will try to find the means of getting it rectified. After speaking to Mr Veramani, he was asking me as to why he should repair an item which is just left with 15 days warranty and provide a free service. During his discussion, Mr Hari Jayaprakash asked few questions to Mr Veeramani over phone, like what is the status of the each filter and its blockage, data on the bill and place of purchase. Mr Veeramani was answering for all questions. The Area Manager was interested in disowning and often repeated that; if you are not satisfied please approach my higher officials. The discussion has been record and available with me.
Though Mr Veeramani did not open the machine, ( This fact of not even the machine was opened was again proved by Mr Veeramani on his own words on 08 Dec 15) he was cool in telling the Area Manager that he checked all the filter and saw the receipt.
If this is the condition of an armed forces officer which sufficient knowledge and exposure what will happen to an illiterate common man?
Left with no choice, I again tried to escalate the case through the website of Eureka Forbes, the web site was not accepting the complaint id ********. Put a post on Eureka Forbes Facebook site on 07 Dec 15 night. My family was purchasing the bottled water from outside on payment. Also sent a SMS to ********33.
08 Dec 15
On 08 Dec 15 at 1910h, I got a call from Mr Hari Jayaprakash, Area Manager that he wanted to visit my house and to check the status. He along with Mr Veeramani visited my house at 2000h and first time opened the machine and decided to service the machine. At around 2030hrs, the filter water was coming and waste water was also flowing. Now, Mr Veeramani who spoke of no need for customer signature took signature from my wife that the machine was made serviceable and left. I could reach my house only at 2100 h. On listening to the entire details from my wife rang up Mr Hari Jayaprakash as to what happened. He told that he wanted to know the exact status of the RO machine, hence he visited my house and then, he decided to service the filters as they found filters are choked with turbid and decide to do reverse flushing. On doing this it started working normal. Hence, he decided to declare it OK and RO machine made serviceable.
I requested him to clarify few points and got this reply.,
The Area Manager Hari Jayaprakash was not sure how his engineer Mr Veeramani or his senior engineer Marimuth Palaniappan decided to declare all four filters defective even without opening the machine or touching the machine.
As per the Area Manager, the visiting engineer or his senior manager is not technically capable or having expertise to repair the RO machine if it is chocked.
When the facts of the technician was telling lies and he was going by that lies, he coolly brushed off as Mr Veeramani is a technician and need to consider them. (Funny thing is that the Service engineer became a technician)
The audio recording of this part is available for reference.(enclosed)

09 Dec 15
My wife informed me that the machine became defective. As I was out of station on official duty to Thanjavur, I could not make any complaint. Called Mr Hari Jayaprakash at 2015h twice. But he didn’t pickup my call.
11 Dec 15
Returned back to Coimbatore, Called and informed again Mr Hari Jayaprakash about the defective status of the RO machine. Now he confirmed that the repair done on 08 Dec 15 was a temporary. It was done just to satisfy the warranty condition and is not a complete repair. Mr Hari Jayaprakash, again and again referred about the 5000 ltr or one year.
Mr Hari Jayaprakash called me himself was stressing that 5000 ltrs and 1 year issue again and also told that the filter get defective as per the input water. When told to certify that incoming water is very hard or impure, he didn’t have any answer and himself accepted that the bore-well water is not impure. He was ready to make the RO machine somehow to working condition. But clearly stated the out coming water status cannot be assured by him. He further stated that, normally no attempt is made to service the machine. Only if the case is escalated to Chennai then only they touch even the machine or they do repairs.
Made a complaint to customer care no 00********.

Conclusions I derived out
One side the Area Manager was accepting that the warranty is for 365 days and the company is supposed to provide free service to get the clean water. Another side telling that the filter need to be replaced within one year or 5000 ltrs. When asked where it specified in warranty card about 5000ltr, he could not justify and accept that he will provide free service and make the RO machine to work. Even the service was provided, he was clear that he cannot assure for the efficient water and repairs are temporary. He was accepting very clearly he need to provide free service for the warranty period but was telling that the service may not be complete. (Audio recording is available for reference).
When I referred back to the user manual/warranty card. In the maintenance page it is specified that the periodicity of replacement of filters is 1 year or 6000 ltrs (R) 6000 LTRS
If the filter which is the core and major components of a RO machine become defective in full(all 4) before the said period, is the company not responsible for its replacement? Even an early warning was provided before three months the handling of the staff was highly irresponsible and poor.
From the facts, the staff of the company speak lot of lies and ready to take meaningless justifications in charging the customer. If required they call themselves technically incapable/less expert. In such a condition, Is not dangerous to have such products in market considering the hygiene conditions and safety of the family members

Given the fact that, the machine was less used, an acceptable standard bore-well water was used as input, neatly maintained, the reason for not providing the warranty and giving excuses and terms and conditions not specified in warranty card or manual is not understood. I request that, a proper enquiry may be carried out and I may please be provided solution. Such companies are a negative examples of our county and obstacles to our development in global scenario. I have enclosed only one audio recording. If required ready to provide all the discussions.
The cost of the RO machine is Rs 7254 on 16 Dec 14. For making it serviceable during warranty period , they want to charge the customer Rs 4000+. How this is justified? When requested to clarify, no answer is available.

Kindly advise

Complainant's Target: Eureka Forbes Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduCoimbatore
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