Blackberry India Redington - Blackbeery Q10 Consumer Right exploitation
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Complaint by: Prashant on August 1, 2013, 2:48 am in Mobile and Cell Phones

I purchased a new BlackBerry Q10 on 26th June from MGF mall in Gurgaon located on MG road gurgaon. Everything was going good until 14th day from the date of purchase when the earpeice of the phone went bad which means I was unable to hear anything on incoming/outgoing calls. Well this was totally un-expected and everyone is not always ready to rush to the service center right at the moment when phone goes bad. So I went to your service center in gurgaon which is again on MG road. I was informed that they can try for a DOA however on the same day in evening I was informed that DOA is not possible as the problem is reported on 16th day (Not to forget that I did tell them that the phone was not working couple of days back). Later I was told that they are sending the phone for high priority repair to bangalore. It took 10 days until which I was informed that the phone has returned from repair and I should come and collect the phone. Unfortunately when I went to pick the phone from service center I wasn't carrying the battery of the phone so I took the phone from service center and later after returning home I tried to make calls I wasn't able to hear anything means tha same problem existed for which the device was sent for high priority repair 10 days back. I don't understand what kind of repair was that I am not sure if your technician even check if the the problem is resolved or not after troubleshooting.

I returned to the service center same day and informed them that the problem is not fixed and it took them 3hours to tell me that they will take the phone back and will provide a new phone after 2 days. I visited the service center on 4th day but not so surprisingly they had no update on the phone status. After a lot of discussion I was informed that they need some more time to provide the replacement.

Later in the evening I received calls that they don't have white Q10 in stock until next 20 days.

I want to know whether what kind of service is that, I paid 44500 INR to use a phone not to visit service center and write emails.

I have already wasted 15 days and I have to wait for 20 days that too not sure if I will get the phone or not.

I want a total refund for this phone otherwise I would be left with nothing but to move to the consumer court as I believe that providing resolution is not your cup of tea.

Complainant's Goal: To highlight the problems and customer dissatisfaction
Complainant's Target: Blackberry India (Redington)
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon

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