Apple India - Arm Twisting & Harassment by Apple team
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Complaint by: bharti lachwani on October 1, 2018, 2:46 pm in Telecommunications

Dear Team,

With No Response in sight, I am forced to write to you for the following concerns :-

- If the Phone was not faulty then why did the Apple Thane service center send the phone to Bangalor office after the diagnostic
- Why did the Thane Service Center lie & change their version of Handset having concerns
- The handset in question & my Iphone-6/my friends phone gets connected on same Wi-Fi network with a delay/lag of 4-5 secs. Similarly the faulty IPhone7 gets notification later having same apps on 2 different phones connected on wi-fi at the same time
- My colleagues connectivity & my own IPhone6 works fine where, Iphone7 call drops & it shows no networkI got my faulty IPhone7 replaced with a new one. Even the New one was a faulty piece since day-1 with the issue of Call Drops/Bad Network/Low Bandwidth.

I took a while to realize that it was a faulty one as I shifted to Mumbai from Pune after taking delivery of the new phone. I was under the notion that Mumbai has bad service network & kept on being in pain trying desperately to come out of the problem still by changing the settings of the phone, changing SIMS etc. Only to later on accept that it was Handsets issue. I got the same re-affirmed by performing various Permutations & Combinations on SIM & Handsets.

I contacted the service center who did some trouble shooting, checked settings only ending up wasting my precious 8-10 man hours. I was further directed to Service Center wherein they diagnosed the set for 3 days & said that the same has to be sent for Repair/Replacement to Bangalore Service Center as it has Hardware Issue.

After 1-2 weeks I got a mail stating that the handset to be collected & that it doesnt have any fault WHICH SURPRISED ME. I refused to take the delivery as I was uncomfortable with the fact that they had 2 different versions. Also that the set was not Repaired/Replaced I was under sever doubts of Apple having done nothing.

I resorted to Apple Call Center, Jasbir again only to lose 10-12 man hours by convincing me to take back the set. I resisted for 3-4 days but after seeing no relief in sight, I was forced by Jasbir to take the delivery. I was still not convinced with his idea that an action would be taken on service center only after i take my set. He was diplomatic & unclear on the main concern of, what if the handset is still faulty ? He only kept on pushing for collecting the set & that everything would be fine.

I took the phone on a lot of assurances from Jasbir & having left with no other option literally but to believe him & surrender to his arm-twisting.

Now after I have taken the delivery & the problem having remained the same, contacting Jasbir on a lot of occasions(in writing as well) has been in vain & he seems absconding only to have got handed over my case to some Pulkit. Pulkit has the same scripted response again wasting a couple of manhours again with no response in sight.

I am all the more pained with the Unprofessional attitude of Pulkit who gives me an appointment of 3pm & doesnt bother. On my call at 4:15, he rudely says he was in a meeting since 2:30. Also he continues rudely saying he couldnt have re-scheduled the meeting calling me around 3pm as he was in a meeting. What kind of an organisation is this who is rude with customers & even after not calling a Harassed customer of 3-4 months, at a given time & is insensitive.

I am looking for an immediate response with action on the parties involved in Harassing me giving me a lot of agony in my profession & personal trauma.

Mohit Agrawal

Complainant's Goal: To get the real culprits to task and to get Apple to compensate for HARASSMENT
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraThane

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