Apple India - I am not satisfied with the sales service by iWorld, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
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Complaint by: RajanKG on March 27, 2012, 1:26 am in Computers and Accessories

1. I had enquired telephonically about the availability of an iPad-2 64GB Wi-Fi White at iWorld, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon on 21 Mar 2012. I was assured that the item would be delivered the next day if I made the booking. I reconfirmed the same so as to avoid the futility of taking a cab to the store and back. However, they re-assured me that the item was available in their store at Delhi and would be delivered to me the next day positively.

2. I took a cab to the store late in the evening and booked the iPad by paying the full amount (Rs. 34, 675) through my American Express Credit card. I was once again assured of delivery the next day. This was important because I had to leave Gurgaon/Delhi and required the iPad before my departure.

3. The next day, I called up the store (Mr. Vikas Malhotra, Mob.No. 9717123123) in the morning to remind them and I was assured that the item had left Delhi and would be in the store by afternoon and would be delivered by 1430 hrs.

4. At 1500 hrs, I got a call from Mr. Vikas Malhotra that the model was available only in black colour and that if I wanted a white colour, it was available in 3G for which I would have to pay extra.

5. He also said that a refund would not be possible until next day and that too only by cheque. I was annoyed and said that this amounted to trying to 'trap me' into buying what was available rather than what I wanted. I was put on to his senior, Mr. Gaurav (Mob. No. 9871364365) who initially said that he would get me the item by evening, but later pleaded his inability to do so.

6. I also gave him the option of either outsourcing the item from some other store (I told them that it was available at Tata Croma at Mega Mall, Gurgaon where it was available) or to give me a 3G model without the extra charges since the 'goof-up' was at their end. However the store was in no mood to go the 'extra distance' to meet its commitment to a customer. Instead I was to bear the brunt of their unprofessional and shoddy dealing. This speaks very poorly of Apple's commitment to a customer.

7. The next day (22 Mar 2012), I purchased the iPad of my desired choice from Tata Croma, Mega Mall, Gurgaon (Product Serial No: SDN6GL37RDKPK) just before my departure from Gurgaon/ Delhi. I also puchaed another piece of the same configuration from Tata Croma, Mount Road, Chennai on 25 Mar 2012 (product Serial No.SDN6GD721DKPK).

8. I have still not been refunded my money that was charged to me by iWorld.

9. I am completely annoyed and upset by the attitude and lack of business ethics of iWorld. They made me run around in the evening for booking the item in complete futility. I not only wasted the money on the cab but also lost out on my precious time that evening which could have been better utilised. Moreover, their lack of sensitivity to a customer's concerns in despicable and does not fit into the expections of an Apple customer.

10. Kindly have my money returned with due compensation for the additional expenditure and mental agony that I have been unneccessarily subjected to and do the needful to take action against those responsible for this sort of unprofessional funtioning.


Capt Rajan K Gupta
Mob. 9500093236

Complainant's Goal: Refund of the amount paid with compensation and action against defaulters
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil Nadu

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