Honda Two Wheelers - Victim of Honda "Fraud"Service of CBR 250R
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Complaint by: Naved Khan on August 27, 2011, 8:53 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Dear Sir, I am really shocked that after such a long wait I am standing at the same place, I have bought this CBR 250r on 14th May,2011. I visited the Honda showroom Beaar Honda at Shahnajaf road, Lucknow. As I was waiting since a long time for this bike I did not made any delay and purchased it without any if n but just because of HONDA image, This was the only bike left in the showroom as I came to know from one of the staff of the showroom, I paid full amount of 1, 58,813.00 INR as the dealer was not giving any discount. No worries,I got my bike within few minutes as soon as I was done with t-he Payment but when I got the bike there were scratches on the Fuel tank I asked them what is this they said this is the only bike left in the showroom and it’s just happened while loading from go-down to showroom, the sales executive promised me that it will be removed after 1st servicing. He wrote it also on the warranty booklet.
The first service was done on 19th May as I had covered 499 kms in which I faced some minor problem like tight handling, Lock key was not working properly, Very Low braking (Rear brakes). I told the so called engineer who is trained by the company who take care of CBR250r. He said no problem he will fix it. But the problem was still there even after servicing. After covering 600 kms again I started facing the same Problems, this time with an additional pack of Engine sound and overheating and Vibration increased very much. Again I visited the Service Center and the engineer said he will fix the issue this time he replaced the Engine oil @ 1100 kms which was very much before the requirement. After spending few more days the problem came back to its normal position and I started approaching the engineer again n again, and when I didn’t found any solution I approached Mr. Deepak Nigam who is the in charge of the showroom, but he was also failed in helping me out as he said that we can’t do anything it’s the problem of engine, Than I wrote several letters to the customer care of Honda complaining about the problems. After that I received a call from Mr. Deepak Nigam from service center that please bring your bike I personally will see what can be done, next day early morning I visited the Service center on 08/august/2011 when I dropped my bike as I was directed to do so by Mr. Nigam, he said Your bike will be given tomorrow. Then I contacted him the very next day he said there is some problem with the engine part and it will take 2 -3 days more to get it rectified again after two days He told me that the part have been sent to the head office for the replacement. Mean while I tried to contact the customer care several time but no reply was received, while visiting the service center I met Mr. Sanghi (General Manager of Premier Honda) who asked me about the problem I told him the whole story and He promised me that the job will be done as soon as possible and apologized for the delay, He told me that the consignment has been dispatched through DTDC Courier and provided me the docket number (Z41286727) I kept waiting but when the shipment was not received I myself approached the DTDC Head office and they told me that this consignment was for Gurgaon – Pune Sector. I again approached Mr. Sanghi and told him about the wrong Docket number he called to the head office and asked about the situation, and then requested me to go back and took my contact details and said that he will call me after getting the news. He called me next day on 26th August evening that your bike’s parts has been received you can collect the bike tomorrow on 27th Aug-2011, When I reached the service center I asked for the test drive to check the condition But it was very much depressing that after waiting for 19 days and facing so much trouble without bike the bikes condition remains same as it was before In fact engine is making noise more than it was before, Braking is as low as it was, the only change I saw was improvement in the pickup and the most annoying thing was that after claiming for the warranty the service center charged me 1936 rupees for the parts as according to them the parts was changed but problem still persists. And made excuse that the part is not available and you can bring you bike later, I needed my bike like hell so I paid them the said amount and took back my bike. They are just cheating the customers asking for money they didn’t told me what parts are going to be changed and how much it will cost. They have given me a used bike which was being used for test drives and now making fool out of me that we have changed your Clutch assembly though we can still see the old clutch wire and please let me know what to do with the clutch assemble in engine overheating, Braking and vibration??? Please ask them to stop making fools to innocent peoples, and then they claims that it is due to mismanagement and carelessness of head office. I am not using any Chinese Mobile that if it’s not working you have to throw it I have invested my hard earned money in it and no one can come and bluff me like this. It’s really shameful that such a Big Industry is robbing people like this and no strict actions has been taken yet even after writing so many times.Please help me out i am going through great mental constraints.

Complainant's Target: Honda Two Wheelers
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshLucknow

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