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Complaint by: santosh on October 26, 2009, 10:13 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I, Suresh Chandra Sahu, S/O Sri Somanath sahu, a proud owner of HONDA ACTIVA scooter, model code- SCV100Q,
with Registration no. OR07P- XXXX(HIDDEN), engine no-JF08E8994250, chassis no- ME4JF082H78815378, have a complain as regard to your service as per details given below. I hope you ill take due attention to redress my grievances and oblige.
1. I bought my vehicle from “OM HONDA, TATA BENZ SQUARE, BERHAMPUR-760005, ORISSA, on 17/09/2007 and have done all servicing from the same dealer till date.
2. On 27/04/2009 my father took the vehicle to the same dealer for servicing and since then there have been no servicing till date and till now my vehicle have not been given to any other servicing centre except to the same authorized dealer of yours.
3. Nearly one year back I have observed that the tube given by your company was of self sealing type when I met with a puncture of my rear wheel, which was really of great value to me and I was really grateful for the great technology innovation by your company in my scooter.
4. Today I faced with another puncture in my scooter where to my disbelieve, I found that the whole air has been leaked and when I removed the iron kneel from the tyre there was no self healing solution flowing.
Unable to help out myself I requested my local bike repairing shop to assist and the tyre was removed from the vehicle and was taken for checkup, where to my horror I found that the tube was no more self sealing type and were ordinary ones with already 3 punctures. It was also found that the front wheel had also been replaced. I and my father who usually rides the vehicle recalled the past only to recall that the only place where our vehicle was out of our close eyes was “The vehicle service centre of OM HONDA during the 6th free service” and no where else.
5. I went to the Honda service centre today i.e. 16th oct 2009 to complain for the unethical conduct of service centre staff during our free servicing and there I was made to meet with Mr Nilamadhab Satpati (DMS operator) and Rajendra Behra (Sales Executive) to register my complain.
6. There I asked for the complain book to lodge my complain and I was given an old register with its pages from 2 to 19 stapled (something already written there) and found only four complains registered from September 2009 onwards only. The complain book had no name or seal of the company or service centre. The complain book had no remarks written against any complains and the book was stapled from pages 2 to 19, which meant it was used for any other purpose and after its discard they are using to unauthorizedly deceive customers from registering complain on authorized complain book.
7. I found they are using this tact to falsify genuine customer complains and letting them record the same on rough registers and hence hiding genuine customer points from your eyes. I searched everywhere in the showroom to find a complain procedure and its format or email id and found nothing on its customer friendly walls. I talked to other staffs also and found nobody was interested in redressing my complain, but only supporting the servicing staff saying “Such things cannot happen here”.
8. But the genuine doubt which arises here is that “The servicing staff takes care of our vehicle for more than 4 hours in their dark servicing room where there is no access to the general customers and as I believe there is 99% chance of my genuine parts being changed, which comes to our knowledge only when we come across any problems involving these parts and we test our vehicle under a third party inspector. To my disbelieve you the company “HONDA” under whose brand name they are doing all these things have no full proof procedure for the innocent customers to lodge a formal complain with you regarding the mischievous acts of theirs and hence a large part of their such acts must be remaining unnoticed from you.”
9. As to date I have promised myself not to again get my scooter serviced under your service station due to the above given reason and better depend on local scooter servicing centers as at least they will not be able to replace my genuine parts in front of us, where I can believe my eyes better than your brand name
which do not even have a better way of receiving customer complains and Suggestions.
10. As I have innocently believed your brand name, today I am forgiving myself for my mistake and would like to question you why till date you are not interested to note what is the real complains from the
customers which can give a clear picture of the customers satisfaction level than to blindly believe on dealers and service centers who are manipulating the customers complain to their exception level.
11. Herewith in the next pages please find the complain book photographed from my 1.3 MP camera showing all written page details which shows how your service centers handle customer complains.

Yours sincerely,

Suresh Chandra sahu
At- kanjiama Street
Lanjipalli, Berhampur- 8
Orissa- 760008

Phone- 09769702133


Complainant's Target: Honda Two Wheelers
Complaint Location: IndiaBERHAMPUR

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