Apple India - Technical issue with my new iPhone just after 3 days of purchase
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Complaint by: Gagan Prabhakar on April 21, 2017, 12:18 pm in Mobile and Cell Phones

Myself Gagan Prabhakar, I being a regular user and a customer (Consumer) of Apple Product. Earlier I was using an Apple iPhone 5c (16 GB Device) bearing IMEI Number :- 35********50175 which I got in replacement with my earlier iPhone 5c as my phone was not able to read the SIM which was inserted in it, this technical problem took place after almost 3 months of the date of purchase of my iPhone (iPhone 5c).
Now, I bought up a new iPhone 6,32 GB Grey colour device bearing IMEI Number: - 35********15191 (Date of Purchase 13th April, 2017).
On 17th April,2017, my this new iPhone 6 device started giving me an issue as it was not getting neither ON nor OFF, I was only able to see the Apple logo on the device screen that was continuously blinking on the device screen again and again with different colour lines on the screen.
I gave my device at Apple service Care Centre at B2X Service Solution India Pvt. Ltd. (Preet Vihar, New Delhi, INDIA) on 18th April, 2017.
I did asked them to provide me a standby device to use till I get my phone back and they themselves told me that I will be getting a call back from them within 24 hours of submitting my device to them to inform me about the status of my device and to get information about the availability of standby device, but to my knowledge I received no such call.
I was not able to take the backup of my phone as it was not getting neither ON nor OFF, I couldn't delete the data present in my iPhone. Hence my phone is now submitted at the above mention Apple Service Center.
As now in this day-to-day life phone has become an essential part in the life of a person, I do have personal and very essential data in my phone which I couldn't able to take backup and neither I was able to Erase my phone data as the device was not in the condition to be ON or OFF.
I do have a doubt that my phone data can be leaked or misuse, as I couldn't erase it from my iPhone. I want Apple to help me with it in the best way they can.
Through this I would like to spot a light on the product Apple is making nowadays. For the second time I bought Apple Product and I do have a worst experience at both the time and ever more worse than earlier as my first product occur with technical fault after almost 3 months of purchase and at this time now I am facing different issue with my phone just after 3 days of my purchase.
My experience and expectation with apple product is now almost 0(Zero) out of 10(Ten).
I want my phone and all its accessories should be replaced with new device and accessories with complete new packed box.
And changed my date of purchase with the date when apple will give me a new packed box of Apple iPhone 6 (32GB) with complete accessories, as its only 3-4 days of my purchase my phone is now been submitted to Apple Service Care.
As, I had spent my hard earned money to buy this to use the device, not to get it submitted to the Authorized Service Centre of Apple.
The situation is now as I don’t know the exact situation of my phone which process it is undergoing now and when I will get my product back as the above mention Apple Authorized Service Provider (B2X, Preet Vihar, New Delhi, INDIA) is on more treating me as a customer as they are providing me service like a cheap local mobile shop dealer, From the date I submitted my phone to them I haven’t got any call from them informing the status of my phone and providing me a standby device. They have now almost urge me to file a legal complaint against the Service provider and Apple INDIA company.
Now after getting no positive response from them I am writing directly to Apple INDIA Pvt. Ltd. If still Apple doesn't respect my words as me being a customer (Consumer) seriously.
Then, I will have to further escalate this issue as filing a legal notice in the Consumer Court against the Apple INDIA company. I want Apple to help me in the best way they can.

Thank You.
Gagan Prabhakar
(Mob :- ********84)

Complainant's Goal: I want apple should replace my phone and all its accessories with newly box pack
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiEast Delhi
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