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Complaint by: Anvita Anand on November 8, 2016, 8:33 pm in Consumer Electronics

I own a MacBook Air early 2015 model. On the 2nd of September everything on the laptop was working perfectly fine till it suddenly did not power on after being kept aside for half an hour. I attempted the SMC reset and the Mac booted once before static appeared on the screen and shut off. I then attempted the PRAM reset which it didn’t respond to. I took it to the B2X service centre, Guindy, Chennai on the 3rd of September and they said it seems to be a problem with the logic board and will be fixed under warranty. I got a call two days later saying they had opened it and found a problem with just the logic board and are replacing it under warranty. After replacement I received another call saying the Mac was ready to be picked up. A day before I was supposed to go pick it up, they called again and said there is a problem with the keyboard because of liquid damage and the keyboard will have to be replaced for 20k. When I went to the service centre again, they opened the laptop which wouldn’t turn on despite being 100% charged unless connected to the charger and wouldn’t respond to the touchpad either. Wasn’t able to log in because he said most keys weren’t working. When I told him the liquid damage could not have been from my side he said it could have occurred at any time at all and is manifesting itself because of the new logic board. I refused to take it back and contacted apple support. After much back and forth and another visit to the service centre, Apple very helpfully parroted that they do not cover liquid damage and will not speculate how it occurred and it will have to be a paid repair. When I did pick up the laptop finally, I got it back with food marks on the front, marks of water droplets on the keyboard and screen and dust all over the screen and completely discharged. When I brought it back home and charged it, the laptop opened to a recovery screen and showed an error code 0xc0000225. I contacted Apple support again and the first person who spoke to me went on to yell at me for not having repaired it when I was told it was a paid repair and for not checking it at the service centre. After demanding to be transferred to a senior, he diverted the call without an apology of any sort. The senior advisor went on to repeat everything saying unless I get the keyboard repaired the laptop will keep malfunctioning. I had to force him to listen to my side of the ordeal after which he said he would investigate the repair video footage of the Mac but had no answer when I asked what if the damage had occurred while it was not being repaired. According to them, the minimum service requirement is a separate area for repair where food and liquid is not allowed but they obviously haven’t seen this service centre which is just one room.

Complainant's Goal: To get the laptop repaired
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai

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