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Complaint by: 4444 on December 15, 2011, 3:30 pm in Indian Railways

It is a sad plight of the poor commuters of NUNGAMBAKKAM railway station to walk over the sludge of human soils (pathway used as public lavatory) when they take up the 3rd or 4th platform (En route to Mount Return trains) to reach the outlet of the station (Near Loyola college). It’s unrelishable and shocking experience to cross the particular path and so the commuters have no other go than to “CROSS RAILWAY TRACKS” and reach the outer way of the station. Even a complaint book was refused to lodge a complaint about it at the Nungambakkam station. Cant it ever be cleaned or is it that the Largest Railway Network is lacking in funds?!. Ridiculous responses when questioned about the safety of the commuters!. Authorities quoted as to CROSS RAILWAY TRACKS. (instead of using the shabby pathway!
Long line Railway rules!!!!
Especially EMRU rules!!!!

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