Aviva Life Insurance - product sold through unfair trade practices and cheating
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Complaint by: nageet on May 13, 2011, 10:22 pm in Insurance All

Aviva sold us a policy through an agent using unfair trade pratices and fraud.Policy was sold by misleading information and hiding some important points regarding exit load or surrender charge to the tune of 67%
Policy document were recieved in 45 days from date of purchase lapsing a15 days period of reconsider the purchase of policy.
Policy document were intentionly depatched late so that customer could not go through the negative points of policy and reconsider the decision of purchase.
Intention of the company and its agent were fraudulent from day one and company is indulging in organised fraud & cheating with customers.We paid Rs.120000 against this policy and Company is offering us surrender value of policy at a loss of Rs.50000 (approx)
Company should refund our full money
And we warn all probable customers and public, not to deal with such company.

Complainant's Goal: we want refund of total money with intt and tell people not to deal with Aviva
Complainant's Target: Aviva Life Insurance
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaPanchkula
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