Aviva Life Insurance - Fraud Made by Agents of Aviva Life Insurance Corporation at Chandigarh
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Complaint by: Ashwani on October 22, 2010, 4:55 pm in Insurance All

SUB: Wrong Commitments Made by M/s Aviva Life Insurance Corporation

while Selling Policy No: WTG1344156 in the name of Deepika Chopra.

Respected Sir,

My name is Deepika Chopra. I am resident of H.No: 615, Top Floor Sec: 20 A, Chandigarh. An Agent of Aviva Life Insurance Chandigarh approaches me for Insurance Policy No: WTG1344156 initially I ignored her but she use to call me again and again. Then she came to my house times and again and said that she is also living in Sec: 20 A Chandigarh.

Then she compel me that she will give me a Policy which will provide me 25 to 27% return after completion of 3 years and I have to pay for 3 years only and then I can withdraw whole the amount with bonus. She asked me that she would give me in writing. Then I agreed to pay 20000 each for 3 years. When I called Aviva after paying 3 years Rs. 60000/- for my whole amount with bonus, the company clear cut asked me that they had given me a Policy for which I have to pay for 15 to 20 yrs only then I will get my money back unless.

The had told me that if I want my refund as on date the amount is only Rs. 29000/- against Rs. 60000/- which I had already paid to Aviva.

Their Official told me that they have given me the Policy and there is a option I can withdraw the same within 15 days time but I want to submit that I had got the policy from Centurion Bank of Punjab, Sec: 17, Chandigarh branch after 2 months as the agent and branch manager of bank told me that they had misplaced the policy and after 2 months the agent handed over the policy to me at my house.

Sir I am a house wife and my husband is only earner and it is very difficult for us to pay a huge amount we have a daughter and we have to pay a huge amount on her study also and it is very difficult for a single earner family to get into this type of policies given by these companies like AVIVA which is clear cut a fraud for me.

Sir please provides me justice as I had given Rs. 60000/- very difficultly and now AVIVA Company is asking us for more money which is not possible for me to pay. My husband is also not in a condition to pay the amount and he is under depression after hearing that against Rs. 60000/- there is only 29000/- is refundable. Sir I am so much worried about my family as Rs. 60000/- is a very big amount for my family. Please provide us justice.

I had already written a letter to M/s Aviva and they had replied me that they will not pay any amount back to me as I had requested that please return me Rs. 60000/- only, which I had already given to AVIVA.

Sir please help me as I very well know that you are the only authority who can provide me justice and stop Aviva to make befool the innocent people only to make their profits and business.


H.NO: 615/2, SEC: 20 A,


MOB NO: 0********60

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back
Complainant's Target: Aviva Life Insurance
Complaint Location: IndiaChandigarh
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Tue, 29 Mar 2011  Julian

I support this complaint.

Fri, 22 Oct 2010  Message from iComplaints.in Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Aviva Life Insurance on October 22, 2010, 4:55 pm