Indian Railways - Penalty for my innocence from Ticket collector
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Complaint by: Abi on October 28, 2010, 2:50 pm in Indian Railways

I am Abi, working as a software Engineer in Chennai. I am a newbie to Chennai metro railways.
Monday(Oct 25,2010) morning I got the ticket for Guindy from Arakonum.
I was told that there is no direct train for Guindy and that I need to either goto central and then from park station I have to take another train
or to go to Chennai Beach and then to take another train for Guindy.

So, I took the route to Guindy via Chennai Beach. I went till chennai Beach, when I got down the ticket collector asked for my ticket. I showed my ticket to her.
For my surprise, she told that I cant travel in this route using this ticket as Arakonum to Guindy via Chennai Beach is a long route and that I should have got down in Central and got the train to Guindy.

She charged me Rs.254 for this, though I told her clearly that while issueing tickets they told that I can use this ticket to go to Guindy via Beach/Central.

Actual ticket rate from Arakonum-Guindy(via Central) is Rs.14 and Arakonum-Guindy(via Beach) is Rs.15. Just for one rupee will people cheat?

Fine/Penalty is made for the people who makes the mistakes knowningly and not for the persons who was instructed wrongly. Dont misuse the innocence of the people.

Complainant's Goal: Not to misuse the innocence and I want my money back.
Complainant's Target: Indian Railways
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai
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Thu, 28 Oct 2010  deepak

As I am also a s/w engg., working in chennai. I also very much depressed with the railway system. Today itself I had to book my tickets from chennai to delhi in tatkal quota of Garib Rath and Because indian railways online booking system is just a crap, I go to thiruvanmiyur station for booking at 4am early in the morning and there were two counters for booking, but they opened up only one counter. I was at 8 no. position and the staff member who was there to book the tickets was very slow and because of him I hadn't got my confirmed ticket to delhi. I have to travel on 30 Oct and despite of coming so early in the morning was of no use as indian railways staff and their system sucks very badly. If I have to give ranking to them, I am not supposed to give even a single 0 to them. They all are big cheaters and frauds.

They mention on advertisements, not to go to agents and others and book tickets by yours. Now this is the way we book tickets.

Thu, 28 Oct 2010  Message from Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Indian Railways on October 28, 2010, 2:50 pm