Indian Railways - During train journey in-convenience due to sleeper coach Nos.
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Complaint by: JANARDHANA on June 7, 2009, 12:18 pm in Indian Railways

Dear Sir, I reserved train ticket bearing PNR No.1142045258, from Yerraguntla to Tirupathi in Rayalaseema Express, for myself, spouse, elder son, parents(both are senior citizens) for journey on 29-05-09. The train stops at this station only for 1 or 2 minutes, since it is a small station. During booking of ticket, my ticket status was in RAC and later confirmed and allotted in S-5 coach with berth Nos. 57,60,58,59 and 61. I found about confirmation of berths through railway interactive response and moreover I found that my coach was in 8th position from engine. I have asked some officials also at station about position of S-5. After arrival of train I could not found my coach. To observe full number of coaches, no time, since train stops there only for 1-2 minutes. I know that at Kadapa train stops for 5 minutes. So I have boarded in another coach and again searched for S-5 coach in Kadapa. But I could not. At Kadapa I have enquired AC coach TC also for S-5. He also failed to say the position of S5. Finally, with the discussion with co-passenger, I came to know that S-5 coach was at the end. Later after getting down at Tirupathi I noticed and noted coach positions as follows.

Engine-some other coaches-S11-S10-S9-S8-S7-S6-A3-B3-General-General-S4-S3-S2-S1-A1-S5-some other coaches.

Generally we see for S5 after S6 or S4. But in that train we did not found like so.
In interactive respones clearly I heard, my coach position is 8th after enging. But in train not in that position. Moreover even other Ticket Collectors in the train also not know about coach positions. I have not found any T.C. in my boarded coach.

I have travelled with very much in-convenience with my aged parents and lot of luggage. Even though I have reserved ticked, I have travelled like general ticket holder.

Complainant's Goal: Compensation for in-convenience, and advise them to correct the same further.
Complainant's Target: Indian Railways
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Wed, 17 Mar 2010  Balaji

I support this complaint.

Hi JANARDHANA, Your complaint is very much valid and we see that great inconvenience caused. However, use this trick next time.

Through out India, a train which is suppose to stop at a station will never travel more than 30 kmph speed at the station. While you wait at station to board your respective coach, you can see each one of the coach marked with coach name such as S1, 2, 3 and so on. Since your coach was S5 it should be behind or ahead of S4 or S6 in your case/train it was not. Hence we being human beings should use our brains to spot the missing S5 coach and be proactive.

If I was in your position, would have noted each coach name and then the one that was missing would have been S5 or the one that was not at all labeled would have been S5 coach.

Still you could have boarded and traveled in AC coach and informed the TTE that you can't locate S5 and there is no way you will get down from AC coach until he helps you find it.


Sun, 28 Feb 2010  Ashish Mehta

I support this complaint.

Mon, 08 Jun 2009  Message from Helpdesk

An email communication has been sent to Indian Railways on June 8, 2009, 11:15 am