Indian Railways - I am not satified about the railways
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Complaint by: suresh on June 1, 2009, 5:24 pm in Others

I want to bring to your kind notice that there is no railway root between Eluru with station code \"EE\" and Kaikolur with station code \"KKLR\".


Eluru which is a part of south central railway located in West godavari district of Andhra pradesh. It has a rich population of nearly 3,00,000 lakhs.
And it is situated between the main railway root of \"chennai and \"Kolkatta\" as well as \"Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam\".
Kaikolur is also a part of south central railway located in Krishna district of Andhra pradesh. And it is situated between the sub-railway root of
\"Vijayawada and Vishakapatnam\" via Gudivada JN, Kaikolur, Bhimavaram Town and Nidadavolu JN. The only distance of Kaikolur from Eluru is just 22
So,The citizens of
respective towns from Eluru,Kaikolur,Gudivada,Machilipatnam,Bhimavaram,Narasapur need a \"Railway Root\" from \"Eluru\" to \"Kaikolur\" so that they can
travel from
Eluru To Kaikolur,

Kaikolur To Eluru,

Eluru To Gudivada JN, via Kaikolur.

Gudivada JN To Eluru, via Kaikolur.

Eluru To Machilipatnam, via Kaikolur, Gudivada JN.

Machilipatnam To Eluru, via Gudivada JN, Kaikolur.

Eluru To Bhimavaram JN, via Kaikolur.

Bhimavaram JN To Eluru, via Kaikolur.

Eluru To Narasapur, via Kaikolur, Bhimavaram JN.

Narasapur To Eluru via Bhimavaram JN, Kaikolur.

such that they can increase communication through railways.

This is your humble request of the people of West godavari and Krishna districts to lay a railway line towards Kaikolur a smallest distance of just
22 kilometers from Eluru.We think this request is passed to the higher authorities and satisfies our suggestions and needs by making \'Eluru\' as \"Eulru JN\" and
\'Kaikolur\' as \"Kaikolur JN\".

Complainant's Goal: make Eluru railway station as junction
Complainant's Target: Indian Railways
Complaint Location: Indiaeluru
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