NetAmbit - NetAmbit Homewise is Big Fraud Company
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Complaint by: Amit Sharma 34 on February 18, 2013, 12:01 am in Real Estate

NetAmbit Homewise is the biggest Fraud I have come across in my life....bought jaypee flat through a credit note of 3.5% from them amounting Rs 1,12,000/- dated Sep 2011 encashable on payment of 40% to 80% payment has been remitted to jaypee...but the credit note is still not honoured...every time I call on their representatives numbers I get to know that the number is the same but the representatives have changed jobs...I even visited their office in sec 132 and met one senior after another but except for assurances and repeated white lies that " Sir you will get the cheque tomorrow" have got thinking to take some serious legal action against this sincere advise to all customers....please don't trust this company for any of your real estate transactions....behind the veil of the PROFFESSIONAL approach is the same old story...just trap the client

Complainant's Goal: I want them to pay me my money
Complainant's Target: NetAmbit
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGautam Buddha Nagar
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Sun, 21 Apr 2013  Sonia Singh

Girish Batra CMD Netambit is a fraud and a big womeniser. Infact, I recommend all females to beware, please dont attend any interviews at Netambit company especially because the HR there is instructed there to ensure Personal interviews of all good looking GIrls with this ******.I have gone through a horrible Personal interview round with this THERKI, asking all Uncomfortable questions and intruding into privacy of an individual. Are Questions like Do you have a boyfriend and Have you gone on a blind date What are your views on Live In Relationship anyway related to Finacial Services interview????

He even tried touching me many times on the pretext of hand shakes.

thought about filing a complaint against this dog, but because of my familys pressure that I should not get into the mess of Police Complaint I backed out.