Apple India - I Phone falsely claiming as water logged and denying service
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Complaint by: Aman Garg on June 5, 2016, 9:12 pm in Mobile and Cell Phones

Dear Sir,

My name is Satish Garg, and i am a loyal customer of Apple Inc. as i have 5-6 apple products in my family.
Whenever i have faced a problem with my Apple product it has been taken care of as i have never been denied services.

But i am facing a very peculiar problem this time which i will narrate you in detail and is as following

JOB Number - PTA-42919
27/1/2016 - I bought an I Phone 5-S from a dealer at Patiala.

18/5/2016 - My i phone started giving me some problems and the touch screen feature was not working properly as i decided to visit the Unicorn Store to get it checked. As i visited the centre , the personnel at the store took my phone and told me they will call me when they figure it out what the problem is . My phone was in ON condition as only touch feature was not working.

19/5/2016 - I receive a call from Unicorn store and they were asking for Apple ID as my phone was locked, i told them i donot know the ID and will send my son to their store in order to assist them.

19/5/2016- I again receive a call from Unicorn store and they said that there is problem with battery in your unit and they will get it done within 2-3 days .

In the meanwhile my son contacted the store personnel on phone and gave them the Apple ID for that phone.

22/5/2016 - I again receive a call from Unicorn Store and they say that my phone is damaged by water and they couldn't do anything and i send my son to store to get the phone back , but they shrewdly mentioned on service report that my phone was in dead condition instead when i submitted them the phone my phone was ON and only touch feature was not working.

28/5/2016 - I again visited the center myself and told them that how can they say my phone is damaged by water. I was shocked to see the response which i got from them, they simply denied any kind of help and refused to entertain me. I asked them e mail id and contact # of higher officials but they simply refused and did not help me in any way.

I ask you one thing that being a multinational company - Do you have any kind of Service Structure ?
A customer who has spent 24000 rupees on your product goes out begging to ask for help and you did not even give me e-mail ID of senior officials so that i can escalate my issue which i am facing.
I feel i am robbed of my hard earned money and despite i have the proof that i gave them the phone in working condition and i have proof of call recording in which they were asking for apple ID from me , they bluntly refuse that your phone was dead, i mean how can you say that and why they were asking for apple ID if my phone was not in working condition and why did they call me again after half hour of receiving first call that there is battery problem in my phone.

The whole staff at Unicorn Store seems to be rigged as they are only concerned with proving customers wrong and instead they were asking for 21000 rupees to repair the phone.

I want to make it clear that there is no way that my phone was water logged in fact only touch screen was not working and can you give me the explanation behind the calls which i received in they were asking for details and in which they declared that the battery is faulty and they will get it replaced within few days.

I have very high hopes from an organization like you that you provide good services to your customers and i am looking forward to hearing from you.

Satish Garg

Complainant's Goal: To get the phone repaired/replaced
Complainant's Target: Apple India
Complaint Location: IndiaPunjab
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