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Complaint by: Aadi Shivan on November 26, 2013, 8:10 pm in Entertainment and Movies

Hi there,

This is regarding 2 concerns I want to raise w.r.t. DishTV services. My VC numbers are 01505518168 & 01505548870.

1. Issue with Set-top box:

From last 6 months I am facing issue with my STB (VC: 01505518168). Its keep hanging and when restart STB, it starts updating EPG. Seriously not able to understand that how many times in a day EPG gets updated. To get rid of this hanging issue, I am trying to delete & update firmware through option available in DishTV Menu. But somehow restricted by DishTV, I am not able to do so. Whenever goto option Dishtv information under menu, gets message “Content unavailable. Inconvenience is regretted.” So, may I know why this is unavailable from last 6 months. How can update firmware on my STB.

Now, as you all are very much aware that most of the STB issue gets resolve by updating firmware. DishTV playing false practice by committing customer that issue is with hardware need to fixed on chargeable basis. And then you steal approx. Rs. 350 for just updating firmware.

I did this practically. I was facing Signal strength issue with STB with VC: 01505548870 and engineer told me that tuner is faulty and Rs. 450 will be total cost to fix this. Somehow by doing R&D, I manage to delete and update firmware from the option available in DishTV menu and good news is that, my connection is working fine without hanging.

But not able to do the same thing in other STB (VC: 01505518168).

Why same error message is coming from last 6 month? Why do I need to call engineer and charge me odd 350 for just updating firmware? Don’t you think its False practice DishTV is playing.

Please tell me the way to update firmware. Please get the option open so that I can do it by myself.

Add-on False practice & cheating by DishTV: Power light of my one STB was keep blinking and change to RED & GREEN. When contacted customer care, I had been that issue with STB and engineer visit required. Engineer came and informed that problem is unidentified & STB needs to be repaired which cost around Rs. 350 + taxes. I denied and then searched a lot on internet to fix this by myself as STB is not in warranty so I can do R&D. I found issue with 2 Capacitor attached with power supply board which I changed (cost me Rs.10 each) and working absolutely fine. Later thought on this and amazed that DishTV spent only Rs. 20-30 made a profile of almost Rs. 350. Awesome……Hats-Off…..

2. To subscribe this channel, send message REQ XXX to 57575.

From last 2 weeks, a message is being displayed on almost all channels which state “From Dec 2013 this channel will be available on request. To subscribe, send sms REQ XXX to 57575 with no additional charges”. Please help me understanding this. Sending message to 57575 will cost Rs. 3 to customer and almost 100+ channel is showing this message which means if I send message for all those channel 100+ channels then it would cost me around Rs. 300+ as sms charges. Do you really think it’s really with no additional cost. At last anyway 50% of sms money goes to DishTV pocket. Why do I need to send sms for those channels which are already part of subscribed channel packages. Is there any alternate way available by which I can provide my request i.e., by filling online form on DishTV website?

Isn’t both mentioned points should be treated as False practice by DishTV management?

Your thoughs, suggestions and solutions on above will be highly appreciated.

Complainant's Goal: To resolve issue without paying single penny to DishTV as they are cheating.
Complainant's Target: Dish TV India
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune

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