ICICI Lombard - Discontinuation of Health Insurance Policy due to ICICI lombards mistake
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Complaint by: Rajkumar on June 9, 2014, 9:31 am in Insurance All

I rajkumar kadam had bought a health insurance policy for my younger brother in May 2008, So in this policy i was the proposer and my younger brother and his family were the insured one's.
Policy Number : 4034/FFH/W-193790/00/000 (Period from May 2008 to May 2010)
I always bought the policy for 2 years period, so the policy was renewed as on 10th May 2010
Policy Number : 4034i/FFH/W-193790/01/000 (Period from May 2010 to May 2012)
Again renewed it in year 2012
Policy Number : 4034i/FFH/W-193790/02/000

All the above 3 times there were no issues and policy was renewed without any hassle.

But this year the Renewal notice did not have my Younger brothers name in the Insured and had my name instead, but my brothers family name was included.

So i called up the customer support department and made them aware of the typo in the renewal notice. I requested them to send me the corrected renewal notice so that i could pay for the insurance online.
After repeated email's and hours of telephone discussion with their representative, they finally declined to correct the renewal notice citing some technical issue and wanted me to pay for renewal first and then they would correct the entries later.
My question to them always was, if you cannot do the correction for almost a month before policy expiry date, what is the probability of them correcting the Insurance later after making payment.
Finally the policy lapsed and we are searching for a decent insurance provider now for coverage

Complainant's Goal: Repayment of all the amount along with Interest, plus cover for wait time risk
Complainant's Target: ICICI Lombard
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune
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Mon, 09 Jun 2014   Message By Complainant Rajkumar Kadam

I have email proof about the communication i had with them regarding the correction for renewal notice. I was promised many times by their Service Dept that they would correct the renewal in next few days which never happened, and i also stopped getting calls from them.
It is very difficult to reach their service dept and every time you end up explaining the rep on the other side the same story without any output.

Also during discussion i came to know from their rep that the last policy which was valid for 2 years, already had deleted my brother name from the policy as Insured (Policy database at their side). So my question was what would have happened if my younger brother wanted to claim the Insurance in last year, what would have happened? I do not think they have any answer.
I am not sure why an Insured person must suffer for whatever technical entries (someone made a wrong entry on their side) were made. While the policy issued to user had everything properly mentioned (Last years policy)
ICICI lombard is taking customer for granted, this renewal period they have increased the amount by almost 30%, and on top of that they are not ready to deliver proper policy