Railway Station Management - Water from window--flooded the seat in B1,seat 47,Konark Exp/Train No#11019
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Complaint by: Gayatri on July 13, 2012, 8:14 pm in Indian Railways

I am travelling in Konark Exp. At my seat there water is leaking from the window. Flooding the seat. I have spoken to the staff from Dadar. They just looked, and told at puna it will get fixed. At puna,Mr. A.C. Tora is the TT. He was asking me show me where is the leak. When I explained the situation. I am not able to seat at this place. So suddenly he asked me, is the water leaking now!!!!!!!!!!!!, I said if it rains, then it will be. So he forced me to sit here with out opening mouth. He just made fun of it. Seriously I am not able to seat, sleep. I have an issue of backache. So I cannot stand seat for long time. So i am getting more health issue. I have to go longway...to Palasa. Dont know how I'll manage to reach there. I asked to get another seat, that also they refused...Kindly help me to fix this issue... Also it my sensior request, please do the needful, so that like me other will not be suffering like me....
Thanks for listening...

Complainant's Goal: Get the issue fixed asap. so that I'll have a smooth journey...
Complainant's Target: Railway Station Management
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra

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