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Complaint by: Kavita on July 9, 2010, 9:32 am in Indian Railways


5th & 6th tracks between Thane & Kurla Terminus will open shortly. At this movement Railway can give few additional facilities for Passengers as mentioned below

1) Please start some early morning & late night Double Fast suburban local trains.
2) All trains running onwards out of the Maharashtra State Borders should starts from Kurla Terminus & get halt at Thane Station.
3) Only trains running within State Boundries should start from MUMBAI CST.
4) Dadar Terminus can be used only for DURONTOO Trains. All DURONTOO trains can start & ends at Dadar only instead of MUMBAI CST.
4) All the THANE locals will leave from Platform No. 1 after 17:15 & will get halt for only 5 minutes at Thane station.
5) Not a single Thane train will arrive at PF No. 3 after 17:00 Hrs. It will either arrive at PF No. 1 or PF No. 7 (If Come as a Fast Train).
6) Please construct Platform No. 1A beside Platform No. 1 at Thane as it is constructed at Kalyan. Just like Platform No. 6 & 7 at Andheri.
7) Please make maximum UP trains as a FAST trains in the evening. So it will reach MUMBAI CST earlier.
8) It will allow you to cut the journey of few UP trains at Thane station.
9) These trains can left from THANE as a down trains towards Kalyan/Badlapur/Karjat/Kasara.from PF No. 3.
10) Even these trains can also left from PF No. 7 as Down FAST Trains from THANE as WR leaving from ANDHERI - VIRAR Fast trains in the evening.

Kavita Darde

Complainant's Goal: Useful Local Services
Complainant's Target: Central Railway
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraThane

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Fri, 24 Aug 2018  Durga Kaunder


The situation of central railway is going worse day by day why every day every morning night the trains are arriving late why the frequency of trains are not increased in central lines. Just because we are poor people living in central cant live a peaceful life and a have a peaceful journey towards our destination don't we pay for our tickets then why should we suffer in the worse crowd go hanging in the door. please take action for public journey to be safe.

Thu, 09 Aug 2018  Rajaram K

why we post comment her? who is listening ? railways are least bothered about the passenger. they are only and only worried about how they get the fat salary, comfort in work with 0% effieciney....railway is useless for us... railway will never improve unless it is privatised. salary is increased to increse efficieny but efficieny is inversally proportional....

Tue, 11 Oct 2011  Unnikrishnan

Dear Sir
I travel daily from Kurla to vashi in the 7.01 vashi local from Kurla. In the first classcompartment i see a few people playing cards every day and it is an inconveinence to all. I guess playing card in public transaport is illegal. As the crowd is so much we have to go and stand between the seat, as these guys are playing cards they dont let any one between the seat. more over it is giving a bad message to young generation. First class comaprtment they sit is the front first class coach near to the ladies first class of front side of the train.
Kindly look in to the issue and do the needful.
Please do not punish them, please warm them for the public nuisence.
Thanking you.