felix healthcare - Sheer Negligence of Felix Hospital Noida led to medical complications
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Complaint by: Deek on June 8, 2017, 12:07 pm in Health and Medical Stores

My relative Adesh Kumar Gupta with Patient id-UHIDNOFHP21330-16022017 was admitted at Felix Noida on 1st June '17 at 10:30pm in Emergency because he reported fresh blood in vomiting and stool.

He was admitted without the presence of any Gastro doctor. Next day he was sent to another hospital to get the Endoscopy done and the consulting doctor their named Sandeep Gulati said it is a liver ulcer problem. His condition was improving till 4th June and suddenly at night he was given some medicine which led to swelling and redness in his left hand. Now the situation is that the hand is not moving and the doctor has no idea of the reason behind it.
The consulting doctor now suspected some infection which he said will test it out.

My family was not convinced of the treatment and asked for reference to other hospital but Felix instead of referring simply discharged him on 5th June' 17.
The hospital charged us 1.85L while technically the patient is now in worse condition instead of showing some improvement.

This is sheer negligence on the hospital's part and we want the reversal of our entire treatment cost.

We have made communication with the hospital and they deny the allegations and refuse to our demands.

Complainant's Goal: Providing refund of the amount paid to the hospital
Complainant's Target: felix healthcare
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGhaziabad
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Thu, 28 Sep 2023  Dushyant kumar

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