SBI Credit Cards - SBI Credt card and Royal sundaram totaly Fraud
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Complaint by: anshuman on September 3, 2013, 8:07 pm in Credit Cards

Dear Sir/Madam,

I used to hold an SBI card in 2006-07 & My SBI credit card no. was 431********33807, After receiving the credit card, I also got a Courier which contained the health insurance kit (Vendor - Royal Sundaram) who are their insurance partners. As I was recently joined to new company I thought it had been sent by my employer only. But I found to my surprise(when I received call from SBI end) that it was sent by SBI only. I was surprised as I haven't opted for that Policy how SBI has sent it to me. Very next week I got a call from SBI Delhi/Gurgaon Branch about a health shield policy with Royal sundaram (policy No. HS00155785) She described the benefits of having this policy, Policy valued 4000/- one time & Policy premium would be billed towards my SBI credit card. I liked the benefits of the policy & said YES to the caller that I am interested in it.

As SBI was having all my details she only said I will get confirmation call from Royal sundaram team on this. For whole day I thought on this, took advise from friends & decided not to go with this offer. Next day when I got the call from Royal Sundaram team for final confirmation on this, I straight away said NO to them. She said this policy has been
already commenced & now I cannot cancel this. I asked her how she/SBI can commence this policy without my confirmation. She said I have to talk with SBI on this. I called up the SBI customer care and asked them to cancel this policy. I got the confirmation from SBI end that they will cancel this from their end. As per me that was the end of whole story.

BUT.....After 2 months I got a call from Mr. Joshi from SBI credit card & payment Services pvt ltd Pune, that I have premium due towards Royal Sundaram health insurance policy & I need to pay Rs.770/- for the same. I explained him that I have already cancelled this policy. He told me this policy is still showing active in their system & he will help me to cancel this policy from their end. For this I need to pay said 770/- rupees & he will get cancel this policy from their system. Also he did not forget to inform that I will receive confirmation on this from their Head office in Delhi only. He asked me when to send collection boys to collect the money. I got the receipt for the payment made to SBI ( Receipt No.9928158). I went on to mate personally with Mr. Joshi at his office location situated at Senapati Bapat road, pune. Security guard did not allow me to go inside but asked to stay outside & went to call Mr. Joshi.I gave him detailed information about my visit, On asking If he has cancelled the policy as per the communication happened between us, he said reply has been sent to respective team & he will update me once done. Two times local branch people collected the details and told me I will get reply within few days.

Again in next month I got call from Mr. Roy from SBI credit card & payment Services pvt ltd Pune saying the same as Mr. Joshi said. I told Mr. Roy that I have already placed policy cancellation request with Mr. Joshi & also have paid 700/- towards it. He said there is no such person working at his office & I need to pay Rs 800/- if I want to cancel this policy. I told him I have personally mate with Joshi but he did not agree to accept this. This time I asked Mr. Roy to send letter in detail mentioning that the payment I am making for amount 800/- is towards Royal sundaram policy cancellation. There won't be any due on me after this. He said collection boy will come
tomorrow at my residence (68 Apte Ghat, Shaniwarpeth, Pune-02) to collect the money with cancellation letter. But as usual collection boy came just to collect money with no letter in his hand. I called Mr. Roy on this & he said once money get paid by me he will generate the cancellation request & I will receive it in next week. This time I did not believe him & asked the collection boy to write down the payment he is taking from me is towards royal sundaram policy cancellation & there will no due from my side after this. I have the receipt for the same.( Receipt No.9221001)

After two/three months of time frequent call started coming to me.I explained them many times. But still they were giving same answer as policy has not been disconnected & showing active. Same thing kept on happening almost for a year and I stopped to entertain their calls. Then I changed my mobile no. still now they have started contacting my relatives & friends to reach me & have had made wrong impression of mine. They tried to tarnish my image saying how I have cheated on them.

In the month of May 2010 when I booked my flat, that time only I came to know that my name is in defaulter list. The bank told me that my name is in CIBIL & they can not approve my loan as I am showing as defaulter. But any how I managed to get hosing loan at very high interest rate. But Now I am not getting offer for home loan/Vehicle loan/Credit/Debit cards due to this from renowned financial agencies/Banks.

Now I want my name to be removed from CIBIL as I have not done any wrong & I am not defaulter. I have made all the payments for all the banks on time without any issue. I am enclosing all the documents related to this case & also would like to provide mobile no. on which all communication have had happened (********09). I want you to make detailed phone call check for this no. I am not giving any false declaration. There are so many complaints against SBI credit card division on internet, not sure how many of them got justice, but I will not lose my hope. Why they drag innocent people in such mess. I want justice. Could you please suggest/help me in this regard.

I have enclosed SBI credit card & Royal Sundaram policy card snapshot. Please let me know how to upload other documents.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Jai Hind.

Best Regards,
Anshuman Porandwar

Dear Sir/Madam

Today 09/10/13 again I got a call from SBI credit card to make payment for balance credit card amount. Please let me know when can I expect action on my complaint. Or how much time it will take to resolv issue. There is no communication received from Icomplaint on this.

Caller Name : Alankar Patil
Reporting to : Gaurav Kharadkar

Office address:

City Point Bulding
4th Floor, 17, Boat Club road, Dhole Patil road
Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Complainant's Goal: I want my name to be removed from CIBIL
Complainant's Target: SBI Credit Cards
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune
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1 month ago  Subrat kumar dhal

I want to talk to you for my health insurance policy payment issue. I have Fred up continue from mornings please call me this no ********02
Policy no 000108 last 6 nors.
Subrat kumar dhal

Fri, 24 Aug 2018  Kirti bhardwaj

its totally fraud company. so please don't believe of that insurance company, its main motive to take money and run away so please do not like us.

Tue, 10 Apr 2018  Pranil Kumar

I was also got similar kind of experience due to this SBI card . One of the worse experience in my life which effect my CIBLE.

Tue, 03 Apr 2018  Bibhuti bhusan swain

I have already registered for health insurance. So kindly make the deduction from card on 10th April instead of 5th April due to year end.
Mob. ********01

Tue, 14 Mar 2017  Bhupendra Patil

I want to cancel that plan to call from sbi they are told me by royal sundram insurance i dont buy the sbi credit card so please cancel the payment for Royal insurance policy.

Fri, 24 Feb 2017  Sunil Lotekar

above mentioned comments are true.really this is froud & shame.i request to all customer go to the court & collect legal document from sbi credit card & complaint against froud compani.i want seemed compani of sbi Gurgaon & royal Sundarum.bakhwas aur chutes log hai no dusronke Paise Kate hai.kede pade in logon ko.