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Complaint by: Bala Chandar on December 31, 2014, 3:01 pm in Credit Cards

Dear Sir,

I am having a credit card account with SBI.
Due to financial crisis there was a huge due on the card because of which i had to opt for a settlement.
Total outstanding was 1,33,000 approx and settlement opted for 75,000 with 6 installment which was co-ordinated
by SBI collection agent named MANJUNATH GOWDA having ph: no :8790177902.
Mr GOWDA has mis guided me during the course of settlement stating that he would reduce the settlement amt to which
I had to pay him some ransom to which i did not encourage and after one installment due to non-payment of installment the settlement was cancelled and a fresh settlement was offered for 63,000 for 1 installment which i had to agree forcefully due to mis-guiding of another collection agent stating that last settlement was a bogus.
Unfortunately i could not honour this too due to financial crisis.

Later on Mr GOWDA again approached me intending to help me in this crisis.
1)He promised me of a fair settlement from SBI and cheated me of Rs 18,000 without giving me any receipt.
2)It has been more than 5 months and he is not attending my call neither he responded.
3)He constantly giving me false promises and does not respond properly.
4)I had informed the SBI collection department to which no action is taken till date.
5)I am mentally disturbed due to such incident and fasle promises to return my money.
Apart from this i got an abusive call from a collection agent from NO: 9180 32486862.

There is no action taken by the bank or collection dept against Mr GOWDA.
I would request the concerned person to take a stringent action against such fraudsters so that there should be such
an incident.


Complainant's Goal: money returned or a cheating complaint to be filed on the concerned person
Complainant's Target: SBI Credit Cards
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Recent Comments
Fri, 17 Apr 2015  Kishore

I am also recent victim of Bogus sales Representative of Visa/Master card promotion campaign - Somehow got my SBI Credit card number and made a transaction 7995 and got my OTP in greedy manner that you will receive a refund of transacted amount along with Payback points 21000 that amounts for another RS 21000 /-

All I Received is worthless W Card from Senator International along with Bogus gifts Items.

I made this transaction mistakenly and lost Rs 7995 hard earned money.

People please be aware never share your credit card and CVV number/OTP or ATM PIN and nothing is free in this world.