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Complaint by: ARPAN JINDAL on January 28, 2017, 7:44 pm in Retail Stores

It is regarding the return policy, I have bought some cloths few days back and returned them today and they have given me a small piece of paper called credit note instead of cash or bank money transfer. They said I can reuse this small paper to buy some cloths again, then i took that small paper and found some cloths of the amount similar to exchange with previous one. When i returned back to billing counter, I lost that small piece of paper and the staff said they can not give me anything neither old cloths and new cloths, and I came back empty handed. I requested them to block the old credit note to avoid misuse and assign me new credit note but they said, either I will search that small paper and forget the money. I believe they can track the misuse of that paper as it has some bar code and fixed amount on it Rs.1818.50. If it is not used, please assign me new credit note.

Complainant's Goal: returns policy should be changed from credit note to cash, card, wallet etc
Complainant's Target: RELIANCE TRENDS
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune
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Recent Comments
2 months ago  Vedanti Palsule

I purchased some garments from reliance trends Thane Viviyana mall on 19th feb 2023 . Bill was paid the lady on the reception counter entered the wrong number of my digit and now I want to exchange my garment but I m enable to do so because the number was wrongly entered and hence there is no otp . I request you to look into the matter

2 months ago  NIRMA

Hello realince trends ... I bought some clothes on tomorrow's date 7.2.2023 from the mall of realince trends bikaner (panchati circle), which should return money in cash by returning me because the clothes are a little expensive for me. Please return your money as cash, please help me.

Wed, 21 Dec 2022  Yash Patidar

i bought a jacket and 2 jeans on 20 Dec 2022 from an offline store at Village Dhamnod, MP
Next day when i go to return that, staff says there is no return policy in this store, but when i check online on trends of india website, it is mentioned that purchased item can be change or return within 7 days from purchase.

Mon, 19 Sep 2022  Prachi Singh

I bought a shirt on 18 august 2022 from an offline store at Bulandshahr, UP
Next day on 19 August 2022 when i go to return that, staff says there is no return policy in this store, but when i check online on trends of india website, it is mentioned that purchased item can be change or return within 7 days from purchase.
So, kindly clarify me the return or exchange policy as soon as possible.

My email adre3is

Sun, 03 Jul 2022  Trisita mahanty

I have taken 2 product of 1799 and 2 product of 399 and one product of 299 an offer was going on that on purchase of 14000 u have to pay 7000 that was 50% off but i wanted to return the product they are saying i have to get the same price point of each product rather than the total even the product i chooose they kept it somewhere i could not get it
Please look into this matter i really liked those 3 dressses and i am really frustrated

Tue, 21 Jun 2022  Ayana

My neighbour gifted me two tops (each rs.799)that has been bought from reliance trends on 16/06/2022) I had size issues and thought of exchanging it. So the very next day I took the original bill as well the tags and showed at the counter, and they asked me to purchase something within the amount. Finally I took a pant (rs.999) and a top (rs.599) within the same amount and went to the counter. And then they demanded me to get each of them for the same amount that my neighbour had bought earlier ie;799 and said they're unable to scan the item. They made me to hunt again for the clothes. Since they have a very few collection @799, we were forced to get the items that weren't of our taste. Is it a new rule or what? If so why didn't they inform me about this earlier just before exchanging ? I had bought many clothes from reliance trends and exchanged it as well at times. As far as my knowledge we can exchange and purchase anything within the amount. This is totally new to me.

Wed, 11 May 2022  Sreejitha Sreedharan

I purchased some clothes on 11/5/2022 for 5814 from Reliance trends koyilandy.I gifted one kurti to my friend, well she obviously wanted to exchange her kurti. I send her a c credit cardopy of the bill through whattsapp but she was denied exchange .Unluckily I lost the original bill,I visited trends and asked them for a duplicate copy using my mobile number.I was denied duplicate bill stating that such service doesn't prevail in Reliance trends, What the heck,they can't even provide basic privilege as duplicate bill,even though I had a soft coy of the bill in my phone,I even paid it through Hdfc credit card
.Deeply frustrated and disappointed with Reliance group

Fri, 04 Feb 2022  Anu Bharti

I selected the dress with smaller size .. accidently dress with bigger size came .. I removed the tag but after wearing it is loose fit .. I would like to exchange with smaller size .. I have the bill and the tag.. kindly do the needful as I have no ise of the bigger dress

Fri, 14 Jan 2022  Aravind

One piece size large another one is short I want to exchange the item

Tue, 23 Nov 2021  Merlin

Lost the bill for a dress worth rupees 900. Need to exchange the dress with a lesser size. I do have the tag with the price attached to the dress.
Need help

Fri, 05 Nov 2021  Arbind

Sir I bought a jacket yesterday when I washed it the printed design is also washed out so vani I exchange it .

Sun, 10 Oct 2021  Muhsin irshad k

Eloo, its me muhsin frm perinthalmanna, malappuram, kerala
Today i purchase some brand clothes from ur perinthalmanna outlet on 10/10/21 , on that tym i pick one formal shirt that is to be short in ma size mistakenly, aftr im paying the amount ,and jst see out of ur shop it was in ma bag
With in 15 minutes i return it back ,but unfortunatly ur cashier says it cant be returns back when it already paid ...
Its around 1500 rupees . Now it will be not in use
Kindly accept ma complaint and do the returning or exchange .... Thank u

Mon, 23 Aug 2021  Marina

Sir , I bought a pant yesterday..when I went to exchange it today they refused it....and there was no prior information given stating this new rule

Tue, 10 Aug 2021  Rajani

I wanted to return a product but the original bill includes many other product bills. The store manager insists to keep the original bill in return, they just gave me the exchanged product bill.
Is this how it works with Trends?
How do they keep original bill which includes other product bill details as well.

Thu, 17 Jun 2021  PRAMOD PANDEY

Dear Sir,

i bought a shirt but the size is small, please return the shirt

pramod pandey


Fri, 19 Mar 2021  Alluri moham

I am purchase on Jen's paint in the date of 9th this month (09/03/2021) but paint is not fitted perfectly so can I exchange this one can you please revert me back and resolve my problem

Mohan Alluri

Fri, 05 Jan 2018  Priyanka

I would like to return ORDER TR04884457 .

Please process