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Complaint by: Rajiv Dugar on July 25, 2013, 5:57 pm in Travel and Vacations

Ref: - Deficiency of service, false and fraudulent promises of “Country Vacations” with an ulterior motive of cheating.

I, Rajiv Kumar Dugar, residing at 20C, Ballygunge Place East, Kolkata – 700019, would like to draw your kind attention to the following Facts.
I received few phone calls from the organization i.e. “Country Vacations” about few days ago requesting me to take membership of their organization as they have many interesting holidaying offers at a nominal value. After few calls of request I finally agreed to visit their office.
On 13/07/2013 at about 3 p.m. I along with my family members visited their office at Gajraj Chambers, 86 B/2, 1st Floor, Park Circus Connector, Topsia Road, Kolkata – 700046 and attended the presentation.
Out at that presentation I was offered the following plan :-
Plan/Package- 30 years of Holidays membership, 99 years of clubbing @ Rs. 3,50,000/-.
The said presentation was given to us by their executives Mr. Dhiraj and senior Executive Mr. Amit.
The offers which were made to me:-
1. 3 (three) years Spa (at any property) absolutely free for whole family throughout the year.
2. Car, Driver, Guide would be available at all destinations at a very nominal charge.
3. Banquet halls (at any property) can be used upto 4 (four) times in a year at free of cost.
4. Pick up and drop facility from airport free of cost at all locations.
5. 7 days free stay at any property.
6. Event passes (of anywhere) for the family.
7. 99 years of clubbing membership.
8. 6 Nights/ 7 days of holidays in Bangkok free of cost no extra charges.
9. 2 Nights / 3 days of holidays in Dubai free of cost with no extra charges.
10. 2 Flight Domestic Tickets free of cost with no extra charges.
11. 1 HCL tab
12. Insurance, Doctors available 24 hours, medicines at all locations free of cost.
That their executives also told me that on my package plan of Rs. 3,50,000/- ,I was a offered a discount and the final amount paid by me would be Rs. 3,15,000/- (Three Lacs Fifteen Thousands) Only.
That on 13/07/2013 itself I made a payment of Rs. 90,000/- (Ninety Thousand) only vide three transactions of Rs. 50,000/- , Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 15,000/- respectively through my Credit Card, i.e. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card, and the rest was asked to be paid by cash by their executives.
I was assured by their executives that the amount I paid through my card will be converted into 12 E.M.I. as their company have tie up with Standard Chartered Bank and all these E.M.I’s will be interest free and I will not be charged any processing fees as well. It is pertinent to note here that the representatives of their organization explained us the offer on a plain piece of paper. When I asked them to hand me over the paper they gave me a few sheets of computer printed papers the first page being a Rs. 50/- non Judicial Stamp Paper and assured me that whatever plans they have explained to me are all written on those papers and all I need to do is to sign the papers to avail the offers. Believing them I signed those papers.
That later on that day when I contacted bank to confirm my E.M.I amount I was totally shocked and disappointed to hear that my bank i.e. Standard Chartered Bank have no alliance with their organization. All the promises and assurance made by them are false as my Bank informed that if my transaction is to be converted into E.M.I’s then I have to give the interest and processing fees as well.
On very next day i.e. on 14/07/2013 I went to their office in the above mentioned address and told them about what I have come to know from my bank. To my utter surprise their executives started behaving very arrogantly with me. They told me to read the agreement signed by me with their organization and claimed that they have never promised any such conversion of my amount into EMI’s. I was shocked to hear this and when went through the said agreement, I found that whatever they promised me most of those clauses were not there in the said agreement and many clauses had various extra charges attached to it which I was not told about. They even pressurized me to pay the remaining amount as soon as possible otherwise they won’t entertain me anymore. When I told their executives that I don’t want to continue anymore and asked them to
refund my advance money they threatened me that they won’t be doing so at any condition. They even threatened me to try out any avenues, even to knock the legal doors but they will not refund me my money and other than lodging in hotels (if available during my vacation period) their organization would not provide me anything else.
I would like to refer here that as per AIRDA’S (ALL INDIA RESORT DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION) Code of Ethics there is a clause of “Cooling off period” which states that :-
“After purchase has been made, AIRDA recommends a cooling off period of 10 clear working days, during which customers have the option to revoke, rescind, and make void ab initio, any sales agreement entered into”.
“If agreement is revoked by the buyer, the seller is committed to refund all payments made and return share certificates, title deeds or any other documents handed over during signing of sales agreement”.
Hence it is proved that by acting in such manner they are also violating the guideline set by the AIRDA.
Feeling completely cheated by this act of theirs I sent them few E-mails on 14/7/2013 and 15/7/2013 stating that I don’t want to continue with the membership anymore and asked them to refund my money. In reply, their company has sent me a mail stating “ A person from our company from the respective branch and department will get back to you shortly”, But nothing positive has been done till date. There is absolute deficiency of service and cheating from their side in this matter.

With Regards
MOB.- 9830012110

Complainant's Goal: I want my full money RS 90,000 to be refunded ASAP
Complainant's Target: country vacations
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalKolkata

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Tue, 30 Jul 2013 - Business Reply from - Country Vacations Response Team (country vacations)

Dear Sir,We just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience is deeply regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues if any to, so as to help you and understand the issue better.