country vacations - I am the latest victim of country vacations fraud, last 14.06.2012
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Complaint by: D. Bose on July 27, 2012, 9:42 am in Travel and Vacations

I am the latest victim of country vacations fraud, last 14.06.2012 I have received call from an employee of CV, 86B/2, 1st.Floor,Gajraj Chambers, Park Circus Connector, Topsia Road, Kolkata-700046 and he told me that I have won a free kitchen set and gift voucher. To collect those gifts I need to come along with my wife to their office at country vacations, as mentioned. He keeps me calling (at least 10 times) from morning about confirming my visit. He told me that we need to attend one 90 minute presentation and after that we will receive our gifts. Once we visited their office with Mrs. Subrata ( Mobile No: 9477467481) and her senior Mrs.Ayesha Ali,(Mobile No: 8820118448) cc Mr. Subendu Mistry and Mr. Ranjit meet us and they explained us hundreds of features and facilities of joining the CV.
They make us understand and convinced us to become the member of CV for 10 years. They make us understand and convinced us. They told me that I need to pay this amount in 18 installments with 0% interest to my SBI bank, I have purchased holiday package for 10years and 10 years club membership from country vacations club during their promotional event on 14.06.2012 for Rs. 1,40,000/-instead of Rs.4,90,000/-.On request by us the above representatives agree to give us the CV membership for Rs.95000/-. On good faith we paid total contract amount of Rs.95000/- ( Receipt Nos i)0712-CVKK-183 ii) 0712-CVKK-184 iii and) 0712-CVKK-185) at that time I was given wrong offers (mentioned below) verbally.
Firstly, I was not at all interested in joining due to financial problem with me. But their executives lured me with extra offers like free 22”LCD T.V. and one free 6 days/7 nights additional holiday trip (domestic/ International) which we can avail by this year without paying any extra amount. I still refused but they persuaded me to pay Rs.25, 000/-. And balance amount they converted the same amount into 12 installments with 0% interest fee .And they also provoked me to apply for new credit card from SBI bank to avail 30 months installments. Finally I consented to join this membership on the basis of a number of services / Facilities & benefits to be provided by the country vacations club (as explained to me) during the course of membership. But I finally paid the total amount of Rs.95000/-(Full amount).
They were other so many commitment made to me on your account all were false and it was only made to became a member. The person deal in with me was Mrs. Subrata ( Mobile No: 9477467481) and her senior Mrs.Ayesha Ali,(Mobile No: 8820118448)cc Mr. Subendu Mistry and Mr. Ranjit they told me so many false commitments on your account. They also made an agreement for this membership which when we saw after signing it was completely different from the draft agreement shown to us.
1.They committed that they will provide country club membership & Indian vacation in 4/5 star resorts for 10years in India & for 10 years internationally but their agreement do not have mentioned of these conditions. I was also misinformed about room booking (as I could book suites but now I am being informed that I can only book studio apartment).
2. They promised that if we accompany with my other family members and booked a room for them then we have to pay Rs.350 to Rs.1000 per room per day and for us it totally free whether it is own property or tie up property. But when we go for booking for Darjeeling,Gantok,Pelling in the month of October 20.10.2012 to 29.10.2012 they reply ( Mr.Amit Mishra Ph.No: 033-44045910) that we have to pay full amount for member and other party accompany with member as well as. Over telephonic conversation with Mr. Mishra about the huge amount of room charge he replies that there are no Country Vacation Propaties, and they have only Tie up Propaties , so they charged as per company policy. But when we told him about their promise at the time of membership that it will be free for member’s family and chargeable Rs.350/- To Rs.1000/- for accompanied family’s he just denied and told me to contract with Mrs. Subrata ( Mobile No: 9477467481) or her senior Mrs.Ayesha Ali,(Mobile No: 8820118448).When we make phone call to Mrs. Subrata ( Mobile No: 9477467481) she is not lifting her phone. Again when we try to contract with Mr. Mishra he told me the same word as he said before. Then again we try to contract on 19.07.2012 at 4.30PM through CV office land No, for Mrs. Subrata, or Mrs.Ayesha Ali, or Mr. Ranjit, or Mr. Mishra the receptionist told us that nobodies are available as they went for lunch, also she told me after coming back any of them they will call back me. But it is very unfortunate that till today (22.07.2012) they have no reply from their end.
1. At the time of taking this offer the representative lied about the club membership it has the facilities of gym, spa, swimming pool, and indoor/Outdoor games as well which can be availed by the members and their 3 nominees. However, when they send their broacher there mention “with effect from 21 July 2010 all complimentary Spa packages has been stopped”. That means no swimming pool or spa facility & the facility of gym can’t be availed by us under this scheme which implemented before taking our membership. And we were also misinformed about the events that are organized in the club as the representative told us that all the events will take place in all over India.
2. I am highly dissatisfied with this kind of misguidance I was served with & I want to withdraw my membership from country Vacation. I feel that the company is generating funds from general public by virtue of giving false promise and not obliging. I have already paid Rs.95000/-. and now I want this amount to be credited back to my account as soon as posiable. Please find below my membership details for your reference.
Details:reference no: 0712-CVKK-183, 0712-CVKK-184, 0712-CVKK-185
invoice no: 063-2372,inv. Date: 2012-06-27
member no: CVKKIVI0LB115447
3. Contract No: DT151#0237
4. Member Name : Shibani Bose
With this such grievances I don’t want to become a member (Membership No: DT151#0237). So kindly refund my amount immediately and also don’t make such commitment to other member as its affect the goodwill of your club and vacations, thinking of immediate reaction I am ending my note.
Thanking you,

MOBILE NO : 09748464345

C.C ; Country Vacation,(A Division of Country Club India Ltd.) , 86B/2, 1st.Floor,Gajraj
Chambers, Park Circus Connector, Topsia Road, Kolkata-700046

C.C : West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,
Bhabani Bhavan,(Ground Floor),
31, Belvedere Road, Alipore,
Kolkata – 700 027
Fax No: 033-24794916,
Ph. No: 033-2479 0378/9871/9874

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back i.e.Rs.95000/-.
Complainant's Target: country vacations
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalKolkata

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Mon, 03 Sep 2012 - Business Reply from - Country Vacations Response team (country vacations)

Dear Mr.Bose, we just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience is deeply regretted. The issue has been forwarded to the concerned department.For further clarifications, kindly Email us at