7 Drives Multi Car Shop - Non refund of booking amount and mental harassement
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Complaint by: Himanshu on November 8, 2016, 2:45 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had booked a car for doing Uber business from S.S.Marketing (7 DrivesMutlicar). Initially, I was going to arrange my own loan and then book the car. However the company S.S.Marketing promised me that they will get loan done for me from Dena Bank and also at a reasonable interest rate of 10.75%. I was happy and I immediately processed to book my car with cheque payment against their offer (full Down payment – INR 85777) with EMI of INR 9777.

After my booking cheque got cleared(31st August), the company’s response was more of neglecting type. I had emailed them the ghumastha payment receipt on 31st Augsut on the basis of which they were suppose to file the application for the loan. After my continuous calls follow-up, the company representative informed me on 2nd September that they didn’t receive the email. I immediately re-send the email and after lot of arguments, the company send me an email saying my loan will be disburse by 8th September and further, the car will be delivered in next 7 working days. I use to call them everyday to know the status of my loan, which were not answered frequently. The call neglecting continued until I threatened them.

Finally, on 10th one of the company employee called me saying my loan from private finance has been approved with the interest rate of 15.5%. When I enquired about why the loan was not processed from Dena bank, they said that Dena bank is asking about INR 20000 to process the loan. However, another company employee informed me the loan from private finance is in the approval stage. Till 13th September, they were not able to confirm loan from either private finance or no updates from Dena bank too. I requested them to give me loan application number from private finance to which they said there is no such number available.

Frustrated from all these, I cancelled my booking by sending them an email. However, I was told they never received any email cancellation request from me. Left with no option, I went to their office and submit cancellation request with condition from their side that I would receive the refund in 7 working days. I was told they would refund the entire amount (in their performa invoice they said they charge INR 10000 as cancellation amount). When I went to collect my refund cheque, they gave me post dated cheque after 4 days, which when I deposited after 7 days was already stopped by them.

Since my cheque got rejected I gave them 100 calls but either they would not respond or would say we will check with our accountant and call me in 5 minutes, which would never happen. Frustrated of all these, I once again visited them. This time I met their senior sales manager Mr. Zeeshan. He informed me the company still hasn’t got refund from the dealer but they are releasing the funds inspite of that to me (post dated cheque). This cheque too was rejected by the bank. Again the story continued where they either rejected my calls or would say we will check with our account and get back to you in 5 mins.

Again, I visited their office on 2nd October (public holiday )only to meet their owner Mr.Vikas Dongre, who promised me he would do transfer the entire amount on 4th October since 3rd October was public holiday. The transfer was done on 4th October but only for INR 73000. After this transfer I have made about 150 calls to owner, Mr. Zeeshan and other company employee to know why was full amount not transferred. I waited for about 10 days just to hear from them that the dealer has charged them 8000 as cancellation fee which they will charge to me. I requested them to please transfer the balanced amount asap along with 2 cheque rejection amount of INR 140. On 25th October I was informed by the company that they will be issuing a cheque of balance amount to me and sending it through one of their worker. However, since they had staff shortage they did not send the cheque but promise to transfer my amount the very next day. Again, next day I made about 25 calls, just to hear that they are depositing cheque in my account. I requested them to tell me the reason of not transferring the amount and depositing the cheque. I threatened them I will go to police, to which the owner started abusing me and informed he would never refund a single penny now and said do whatever I want to do.

I would like to file case against them. Could you please help.

Complainant's Goal: Refund of booking amount
Complainant's Target: 7 Drives Multi Car Shop
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra
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