Railways - misbehave and use of abussive language by TT standing
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Complaint by: ANURAG on February 1, 2011, 9:38 am in Indian Railways

30.01.2011, 9:30 pm a TT was playing with our helplessness. We had tickets of pessenger train from Ambala to Chandigarh which stood cancelled that day. My father went to Ambala station master and asked if we could board Jan Shatabdi express and what will be the fare. He said yes you can and you can purchase the ticket of Jan Shatabdi or you can ask the TT in train to prepare it for you. We decided to go for the former choice as their was still an hour left for train. Now we had the tickets of both pessenger and Jan Shatabdi. No TT came to check the tickets in the train. But as soon as we reached Chandigarh station, there was a Sikh Gentleman standing on the gate to check the tickets. He stopped us and asked for tickets and we gave him. Now he said you cant travel on this ticket. Jan Shatabdi is a reserved train. We told him that no one told us this even the ambala station master. He said i am telling you this. Even on repeated requests he insulted us to the core and asked for a penalty of around 1500rs. He then charged us without ticket 580rs and showed in the receipt number 42762300/301 that we boarded. Although we had tickets of both trains we were charged without ticket.

he misbehaved very badly and used abussive language. he behaved badly with my mother and sister too.
my question is "were we really guilty? why didnt ambala station master told us this and why were we given the tickets if this is not the correct way?"
Who is responsible for the abussive and rude behaviour in Chandigarh?

Complainant's Goal: to take a action against that person
Complainant's Target: Railways
Complaint Location: IndiaChandigarh railway station

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