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Complaint by: srijib maity on May 21, 2011, 7:35 pm in Others

I am a sufferer at reservation counter. On 16 may 11 I have gone for reservation at platform no 4 reservation counter of Gwalior at 1600hrs. There I came to know that the new token system has been started for the reservation. I become happy and produce my reservation slip at counter no 6 for the token number at nearly 1620hrs. I got the number 909 and 910 for my onward and return journey. But for my surprise I show the running number which was 631 at the display board at that time. Then I observe the activities of counters which were very much lethargic. So I report this matter to CRS and Dy station Manager (commercial). I did not get any suitable solution from them. They all ask me to wait for my number. So I wait for number to be displayed on the board. I wait up to 2000hrs. But at 2000hrs the last token number was 862. So I did not get the reservation after waiting three and half hours whereas in these counters earlier (when token system was not there)I was getting reservation within 1 hr. so my question is whether this token system is making this reservation system slow or fast? Everywhere this token system makes the reservation faster. In my view the reservation clerks are not following the exact procedure of the system. It is my request to look into the matter. After not getting the reservation I have informed the matter to commercial manager and asked for the complaint book. But he didn’t give me the complaint book. So I could not able to book my complaint about my harashment.

Complainant's Goal: to make the reservation system faster
Complainant's Target: Railways
Complaint Location: IndiaMadhya PradeshGwalior

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