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Complaint by: Amrik on November 4, 2013, 7:26 pm in Health and Medical Stores

I have lost my 3 month infant son on 05/05/2013 due to Medical Negligance of Child Hospital and Research Institute, Nagpur.
My two and half month old son was suffering from loose motions doctor of SEWAGRAM WARDHA suggested that he be admitted immediately ---------was to refer us hospital CHILD HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE, NAGPUR. He was admitted in the afternoon of 27/04/2013 under the supervision of doctor SUCHITA KHADSE in ICU.They didn’t allow me to stay with my son in the ICU The next day i.e on 28/04/2013 when I and my husband went to see him .we noticed mosquitoe bites on his face till neck,we told the nurse about it she told it is nail scratches,I told her it is not horizontal but round.We both in the councelling told about it Dr.Khadse accept it and told might be there,so easily she said.what the nurses were doing during night duty,imagine how the child could manage he could not fly away the mosquitoe with his hands he was so small,the mosquitoe may be of malaria or dengu. A test conducted called BARIUM which stains where present in my son’s intestine according to report..On 01/05/ 2013 in the morning councelling Dr Bhutada said that he is recovering and his stool is in control and we will start feeding.But on tne same day night the AC was full ON,as we standing outside the ICU door we were feeling cold ,what will be the condition inside,The next day i.e on 02/05/2013 when we went to see our child that time he was unable to cry, only expressions were there, we were shocked !We asked the nurses about it they turned blind eye.In the counelling we asked doctor about it he gave unsatisfactory answer that he might cried a lot so he lost his voice they were not accepting that due to coldness he got______.After counceling when went out the nurse asked to bring medicine,when my husband went inside he saw my son was in oxygen cap,he asked the reason they said he is unable to breathe and he is having heart problem.Later on they said he is suffering from thyroid,where as we have done each and every test after his birth and everthing was normal.They started giving him high doses of heart & thyroid medicine.Even they used to ask to do all the test from other labs &,bring medicine from other medicals When they started feeding they used to give him 10ml after every two hours but on 03/05/2013 a doctor named YOGESH Specialist came and diagonised my child and said there is no problem in the stomach he said you can feed,when I went inside to feed I asked nurse how much I ve to give milk she said you can feed directly let the baby drink till he satisfy,but according to doctors it was advised to give 10ml When we asked the doctor he said there must be some misunderstanding I’ll call nurse and tell her about it,there was no co-ordination between doctors and nurses, At 8 pm I went to feeb him,after that I had to feed him at 10 pm but they didn’t call me I was sitting outside the ICU,when my husband went inside to ask whether to send my wife for feeding they said ok as I went inside I saw my child stomach I swelling I asked her why it is swelling she said we have given him TOP MILK.I told them that doctor has told to give mother’s milk then why you gave top milk ,she replied you were not there whereas I never use to go anywhere if I go my husband use to sit there even we don’t go to sleep also,if they want medicine or advance deposit they come ten times.Really they are the killers of my son.When my son was breathing with oxygen there was no cushion under the elastic there was rashes on face when husband told them the nurse came and did.Twice we told about the warmer that it is too warm then nurse came and switched off.. Nothing was from them everything they ask from us .They ask us to bring chord also which cost Rs.1000 They have not given us case summary also.When ask them about the photos of my son as we are not having any photo of my son ,they said that not a single cc camera is working since last ten days,you people can imagine what nurses are doing in their night duties when the cameras are not wrking.They don’t keep a watch on patients.
I would like to request you all to confirm that the standards and the quality of the equipments are the same as they should be in a Hospital. This is a RIP-OFF .We do not know anything that is happening in ICU .
I would like to request you all to confirm that the standards and the quality of the equipments are the same as they should). I would like to request you all to confirm that the standards and the quality of the equipments are the same as they should complaining,He has suffered a lot due the ignorance of hospital/doctors and nurses I would like to bring certain observations to your notice: 1. Presence of Mosquitoes. 2. No clean bed sheets. 3. No clothes to change. 4. No morning TEA or Snacks for the patient. 5. No proper cleanliness by nurses. 6. Do not know whether the girls were CERTIFIED NURSES or not(Observing the way they used to carry out clearly looks suspicious) Also I would like to ask one question that If the doctor owns a hospital then How can they charge for their own visit
We hope that you will take proper action on them and inform the same to us as early as possible.
Thank you.

Yours affectionately,
Amrik Garcha

Complainant's Goal: Medical Negligence by Drs, Nurses of Child Hospital & Research Institute,Nagpur
Complainant's Target: Medical Council of India
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraNagpur

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1 month ago  Zeus khan

My 9 years old son met with an accident and got a deep cut on his chin which required an instant surgery we admitted him in Health World hospital Durgapur at 8 a.m in emergency ward . From 8a.m till 4p.m he did not got the surgery done ,Dr.Kaushik paul said that he will do the surgery the next day . The hospital had done various types of unnecessary check up to increase the bill which was not at all required and made the bill of Rs.15066 we discharged the child at 4.30 without any surgery done .Very poor management of the hospital just harrasing the patient . I want my money back... Too much disappointed . Hoping for justice.
Thanking you ,
Tabish Khan