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Complaint by: smita on February 10, 2016, 4:34 am in Insurance All


I met with an accident on 7th Feb 16, taken my vehicle to service station and registered for claims on 8th Feb 16. Where the person came for survey on 9th Feb 16 where he approves only certain damages. When asked for the explanation it was told you need to open the car and show me. The parts which are broken can be easily seen with open eyes. Bumper which was broken at right side , fog lamp, Fender and left side running border dent. Out if these only bumper and fog lamp saying you need to dismental the car and show fender which was broken and fallen and remaining part which was constantly touch wheel was actually burnt so just wondering why car dismental is needed as tho part is broken nd clearly visible when my bumper and right fog lamp was formed and considered in claim. Now the running border dent was not considered saying its old and has rusting. Well running border did have some scratches here and there which have rusted over the period but it does not mean the dent it self is old. I have been escalating this to TATA but no use. In last 6 yrs this is the first claim i am filing and facing lot of trouble feels unnecessarily I have been paying to companies where they did not even approved the cost wisely. Out of 20k expense only 9k was approved which is last 2 yrs premium of my car and i have been paying for last 6 yrs.

Complainant's Goal: get appropriate claim amount
Complainant's Target: Tata AIG general insurance
Complaint Location: India
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