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Complaint by: Surendra Khaitan on May 29, 2011, 6:44 pm in Insurance All


Policy number: 3001/56174098/02/000
Car No: WB 38W 5211
Place of accident: NH-2 Highway, between Raniganj and Asansol, West Bengal
Date of accident: 26/05/2011

Our car (Indica Vista) met with an accident on NH-2 between Raniganj and Asansol, West Bengal. The car was been driven by our driver. It was hit by a truck from the right side which caused the car to lose balance and it started rotating. It consequently went and hit the divider and ran above it. Both the wheels on the left side broke. Thankfully everybody was safe as they were wearing seat belt. The accident was so severe that there could have casualties if passengers didn’t wear the seat belts. We got a crane to get the car in garage. The car was heavily damaged from both the sides.

Now the ICICI Lombard surveyor says that we will only cover one side. I don’t understand this logic. If both sides were damaged severely in two differently accidents, why won’t anyone claim two times? The issue is genuine, the damages are fresh and we are not going to take this lightly.

Our relationship with ICICI Lombard is very strong and is listed below:
1) Five candidates from our family are having health insurance from ICICI lombard since four years and we have paid around 80K premium and haven’t claimed a penny from ICICI. The policy numbers are:
** 4034i/FFH/W-145561/03/000
** 4034i/FFH/W-144446/03/000
** 4034i/FFH/W-145606/03/000
** 4034i/FFH/W-145632/03/000
** 4034i/FFH/W-1545161/01/000
2) The car insurance is also been there for 3 consecutive for the above mentioned car (paid around 30K already) and we haven’t claimed a penny before.

We are very reputed businessmen from Raniganj, West Bengal. We hereby request you to please look into the matter and oblige, as we don’t pay premium to get cheated.
Sorry for the language, but we might go the legal way if things doesn’t work out with mutual co-operation. Needless to say that if we face bad experience with icici, then all our policies with migrates to some other insurance company.
Also, my son Sanjeet Khaitan's high value salary account will move out from ICICI (A/c no 03********51). Not just that, we will go all limits to tell people through social network sites what experience we had with ICICI lombard.

All we are asking is very genuine. Claim for our damaged car for which we got insurance from ICICI Lombard.

Hoping to get a positive response from ICICI.

Surendra Kumar Khaitan.

Complainant's Goal: To get the claim from ICICI Lombard
Complaint Location: IndiaRaniganj West Bengal
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