Hindware Sanitaryware - i'm fed up from your services
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Complaint by: aarti sinha on October 18, 2012, 11:01 pm in Home and Garden

The Management of Hindware,

Dear Sir(s),
We have purchased a house in Gomti Nagar Lucknow( address- 3/454,vishwaskhand,gomti nagar,lucknow) and decided to renovate it before moving into it in November 2011. As part of the renovation process we decided to purchase bath fittings of your reputed brand. Unfortunately our decision to opt for your brand now seems to be the worst decision we have made in our lifetime. Our joy of moving into our dream house has been diluted due the fact that your aftersales service leaves a lot to be desired . Well to simply put it very bluntly , your services are pathetic, and so is the service staff.
We decided to purchase and install one of your latest mixers for showers and taps. Ever since its installation we have never had a decent bath with it. Initially the mixing valve would continuously leak till it drained out the overhead tank. Then after repeated complaints a service engineer did show up. He stopped the leak but then we could not get any hot water. Every time we would have to call up numerous times and your engineers would respond after reminders. Your service engineers must have made atleast ten to fifteen visits from November 2011 till now. Even then the shower does not function the way it should. The excuses we have got so far from them range from the management has not made a decision, to this part is not available or we will revert. But till this date the mixer does not work properly.It should work automatically but it’s working manually.
I do not understand why there is such a lot of hesitation in accepting a mistake. Parts can be faulty , we can all understand and move on but when we can clearly see that the intent of your staff is shy away you’re your responsibilities, and to hush up the entire issue under the carpet. I may not know a lot about plumbing , but I can say with certainty that it is not rocket science. We have two small 1yr 9 month old twins. The entire winters of 2011 and 2012 we could not get hot water from your shower mixer. We had to heat water and ferry it from the other toilet. The children were just a year old then. Tell me if I am wrong in feeling irritated or miffed.
I would therefore expect you to intervene and get our shower rectified / replaced at the earliest . Whatever has to be done has to be done and before winters set in. Failure to acknowledge our plight will result in a lot of disappointment at our end . I hope you will do whatever is required to rectify this problem.

Your’s Truly ,

Aarti Sinha

Complainant's Goal: i want my money back or they can repair it if they can
Complainant's Target: Hindware Sanitaryware
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshLucknow

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