TATA MOTORS - I am totally dissatisfied with Tata Nano car I own. Poor design & services.
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Complaint by: RRS on May 31, 2011, 9:40 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

I booked Tata Nano higher end vehicle, subsequent to my retirement from S.A.I.L. in April'09 using ICICI Direct. An application no was allotted: 114429653. They confirmed the booking by way of a letter and informed that, on due allotment, engine & chassis nos shall be sent. I followed up the allotment as many times, as the car was expected to be with me for a marriage function in my family. I got the original allotment application against full payments thru' ICICI. One fine day, their dealer, thru' whom I desired the vehicle, M/S. VST Motors, Chennai informed me Nano car has come, wheras the same dealer had told that I shall get a letter from Tata Motors with engine & chassis nos, allotted against my name & application. Though I was surprised, I went to VST, completed the formalities and took delivery of the vehicle on 23rd Nov'09. My problems with the car started then & there, as the vehicle had too many problems. I sent letter to their QC deptt, no responses received. The vehicle had such poor finish that gaping holes were visible, the self motor failed, the wiper failed, the accelerator cable failed etc., continuously. tHE MILEAGE WAS VERY POOR.The failures were just too many that I lost confidence in the car's performance. I wrote a detailed letter to the Chairman, Tata motors Mr. Ratan Tata. No response came, though Mr. Bandrawalla of TM spoke to me. As desired by him, I sent all the photographs of the car. The car has too many design issues & is not worthy of its name, all in terms of cost, performance, aesthetic finish etc. I had requested Mr. Tata to withdraw the car & save me from continuous tension. As a Senior Citizen, it affectes me a lot, mentally & physically. The vehicle registration no: TN 09 BB 8273. 1. Lack of left rear view mirror was indeed a major problem, in city driving. They told that they can not do any
thing about it.
2. There was no luggage space whatsoever and the same reply as above came.
3. The indicator signal was not automatically cancelling and the combination switch was changed after
almost 6 months.
4. Once when my front tyre became flat, I found that the stepney is only a spare wheel up to the next
puncture fixing centre, as alloy wheels were provided only for running wheels. I was told that as per TM,
only running wheels will have alloy rims, though I paid a hefty sum for alloy rims.
5. I also found that the alloy-rimmed wheel can not be fitted in the stepney compartment and I ahd to
take it in the seat to the puncture fixing centre. Then only I realised that some of the tyres were
tubeless wheels. I also fond that the right rear wheel almost regularly & frequently, the air was going off
too frequently. They said that they will change it.
6. Since the fuel tank capacity was only 15 Ltrs, I had to be careful in filling regularly. And the fuel tank meter
is, perhaps, defective, as it shows differing levels in different angles of inclination.
7. The wires are just hanging below the dash board loosely and it gives problems, some times while driving,
apart from ugly look. I can not understand as to why these could not be properly clubbed and invisible.
Ridiculous indeed.
8. There is no dash board to keep even the vehicle important documents at all. Is this a design?
9. The engine makes so much noise that other by-standers start looking at the car, as though some thing is
amiss. Why so much noise at all? They even call it an Auto !!!!!!!!
10. The heat generation is very high and at the rear, one can feel the same.
11. The gear-clutch operation is very difficult, as gear does not fall that easily. I feel clumsy, at times, in signal
12. There was an unusual sound while starting. After two visits to VST, they said that they have changed
both fan belts. But still when noise persisted, they realised that it is due to alternator. They changed it.
The noise has stopped of late, to be further observed.
13. The wiper blade just failed to operate in rains, They changed the blade.
14. The A/C failed recently. They found some leakage due to missing nickel piece. They fixed it & filled gas.
15. The car body has gaping holes near rear window. Inspected by all & sundry. No actions, so far.
16. The safety additional implements advised by TM have been incorporated or not, I have not been told,
despite taking the vehicle to VST. If incorporated, what has been done is unknown to me.
17. The music system works only with card reader. No provision for CD even.
18. Droplets of water was falling from front mirror gaps. Attended to.
19. The single wiper blade is inadequate to wipe the large windscreen.
20. Extension of warranty has been confirmed by email, not recorded in the booklet yet.
21. The big gap in the bonnet leads to collection of huge dust & leaves etc.
It is very difficult to clean the same, that too frequently.
22. There is no place at all to keep the simple required tool-kit also.
23. The vehicle hardly gives 12 to 13 KM per litre, that too without A/C.
With A/C, it comes to 10 KM per litre !!!!!!! They tried proving with a S/W in a computer
that it can give 20 KM per litre on long drives. No one goes for long drives every day.
My fuel cost it self is coming to Rs. 1500/= per month for the 250 KM I may be using.
Can I afford it?

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back for the car and the car withdrawn.
Complainant's Target: TATA MOTORS
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil NaduChennai

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