IBM India - HR at IBm Mr.Sathisha Had took 25,000/- and Cheated
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Complaint by: on March 17, 2015, 10:06 pm in Others

Help me sir, Mr. Satisha , HR dept IBM have taken 25,000/- For getting Job and Cheated Me..

Date: 17/Mar/2015


IBM Head Office
IBM India Pvt Ltd,
Manyata Embassy Business Park,
G-2 Block, Ground Floor, outer ring road ,
Nagawara, Bangalore-45

Subject: Cheated By taking Money By HR Mr.Satisha C ( Ph- 0********05 )
For Job of Associate - Technical Operations at IBM

Sir, On 13th-Feb-2015 at SCT Engineering college there was IBM off-Campus Walk-in Jobs,
I was selected in interview round and written Apti-round Then they Gave IBM Coupon No: ID5B5465.

Then on 16th-Feb-2015 got a mail from IBM telling , I was selected in Apti-Round, and to come on 19th-Feb-2015 for communication round.
On 19th-Feb , I cleared communication round and telephony round at IBM India Pvt Ltd, Manyata Embassy Business Park, G-2 Block, Ground Floor, outer ring road , Nagawara, Bangalore-45

Then HR Mr .Satisha C called me Telling “ I went to meet at IBM G2 block on 23rd Feb “,I went to meet Him , He said " For Getting Job in IBM You should have Good reference , I shall give reference from a Manager But you need to pay 50,000/- “ , I Said “sorry sir my dad is retired man, and we are poor family , I shall get you 25,000/- and rest after my 1st month salary.."
Then on 25th-Feb-2015 , I gave him cash of 25,000/-

Then on 2nd-Mar-2015 he called me telling “ I shall keep your Interview Round on 3/3/2015 at 4-5PM okay , i have spoken with the Manager also “ i said thanks ..
And on 3rd-Mar-2015 , at 5PM Mr. Satisha Took to G1 Block i guess its “ ttk health care “ They Manager took Interview for 45-Min , i answer him Nicely , He said Good Go and meet satisha You are selected.

Then i Met Mr.Satisha C at HR block , He took my Documents and Current Job Documents Xerox and said You can leave for the day, you have selected For job, we will send you Offer-letter soon.

Then on 9th-March-2015 i went to meet Mr.Satisha C , at 1:30PM at IBM G2 Block at IBM India Pvt Ltd, Manyata Embassy Business Park, G-2 Block, Ground Floor, outer ring road , Nagawara, Bangalore-45
Said Him “ Plz sir do not worry i will give You rest 25,000/- in my 1st- Month salary , He said in 2-4 Days You will Get Your offer Letter so arrange in 2-3Days, The Manager wants it seems.

I said plz sir “ You convince Him sir , i will try to arrange to my best “ And Came Back.

And On Sat, Mar 14, 2015 i Got a Mail From IBM telling
“ Thank you for participating in the Interview with IBM. During the interview discussion, we have thoroughly reviewed your application and matched your skills and achievements with the position we are currently seeking to fill for the position of an Associate - Technical Operations.

At this stage, we regret to inform you that we are unable to take your candidature ahead for this role. We therefore, would not be in a position to proceed further with your application. We wish you all the very best for the future. “

Then i called Mr.Satisha C, he picked call and said wait i will see..
Then i called him many times he did not pick all Nor replayed messages and Then in angry i messaged badly to him telling give back my money or i will give police Complaint “
He did not reply nor called.

Then i Mailed to Telling on 3/3/15 HR Mr.Satisha C said You have selected and You will get your Offer-Letter soon.

Then On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 i Got a Mail From IBM Telling
“Hi Pavan,
Thank you for mailing to us. You will get your offer letter shortly. Thanks. “

“ I felt Very Happy “

Then Today Tue, Mar 17, 2015 ,I got a Mail from IBM Telling
“Hi Pavan,

We regret to inform you that the below email on Mar 16, 2015 was inadvertently sent to you due to an administrative error. Please ignore this email, this email does not change the status of your candidature at IBM. The mail does not create any binding obligation on IBM and should be ignored. “

Taking money of 25,000/- Mr.Satisha had not selected me , I gave best in interview on 3/3/15 too..
If I call Mr.satisha he is not picking call also nor replying to my msg. Cheater fellow..

Complainant's Goal: I want My money Back or Need My Job Back
Complainant's Target: IBM India
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore
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2 months ago  sonam paul

Good evening sir
My name my name is Sonam Paul. Actually before 27 days ago . One person call me. He said he call from ibm India Divyashree park raidurgam hydrabad. He sedule interview for me i was did and 3 round clear after selection he demand security deposit when i ingnore he said come to our company and after pay. When i go one person came and told me to pay the u can join . Ibm reception and security person also talked with them that they . I paid a person 30000 for equipment security deposit. But against he demand 10000 for salaries account opening when i said I haven't he hold me then your joining letter pending.
When i say please refund my money he told me write refund letter when i wrote and send me. They didn't send my money he block my number. And told me hr demand 2000. When u pay 2k after then u got 30k.
I have all real documents ibm company all proff with transaction records and ibm receipt and everything with stamp.
The name of the person Wasim Mirza manager of ibm company Divyashree Tech Park.
Number ********94
This is madhupur ibm hr department number he ignored me.
Please ? take any action for future students.
I want to refund my money or complaint against this type of emplyers.