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Complaint by: pankaj sarin on June 8, 2011, 12:49 pm in Home Furnishings


I bought a dining table (6 seater) from house full international limited, Kharadi, Pune branch on 2-aug-2010 for INR 25,000 vide receipt number 292 (see attachment) with instructions that I would required the delivery in first week of October... The then manager, Laukik, a thorough gentleman, said that it won't be a problem as I had made multiple purchases from the same store previously...

Since mid october I called up the store multiple times and even visited personally to be told everytime that they would get back to me with details of when the delivery would be made as they can't track where the said piece of furniture is... Some time, during that time (I am not sure when) Laukik moved out of Housefull and some new manager joined... Till date, I don't know who that is as I have never met him during my various visits to the store... Whatever time of the day, he is either out for lunch or tea or whatever and never returns the call... the number is usually not responded to 9850844084 and the customer service desk is usually not manned... Finally, with little-to-no response, I bought another piece as i could not wait more... since then, i have been following up for my money to be returned... Things haven't changed much... I still don't get a response from them... Every individual just provides me another name or a number... Finally, I contacted the so called "head office" in bombay... phone number 02265260077... surprisingly, most of the times, no one receives the call on that number too... finally, after trying for a few days, I got through to someone (I guess the name was Rizwi) with a commitment from him that a call back would be made to me in a few hours regarding the next steps... It's been 3 days again and no one is picking up the number again...

I am just wondering what the next steps for me need to be... And also the fact that if they can behave like this with a regular customer what would be happening to others...

ANY help in getting the money back would be appreciated... I can't and am not willing to take other products in exchange as I don't need any thing at all that they have to offer... JUST NEED MY HARD-EARNED MONEY BACK...

Thanks and Regards
Pankaj Sarin

Complainant's Goal: I WANT MY MONEY BACK
Complainant's Target: House Full International Ltd.
Complaint Location: IndiaIndia

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Fri, 15 Nov 2013 - Business Reply from - Housefull Furniture (House Full International Ltd.)

Dear Pankaj,
A very big apology for the trouble you had to go through. We are improving our services. We request you to kindly drop in a mail to us at and we assure you that you will receive your refund at the earliest.