H D Motor Company India Private Limited - Harley Davidson Street 750 not being recalled for faulty brakes. Risking Lives
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Complaint by: UDHAM SINGH HOODA on November 14, 2016, 2:50 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

Indian muscle, with global aspirations. That's what we heard Harley Davidson claiming its much-hyped make-in-India Street 750 motorcycle. The real surprise and cheer was the 4.5 lacs price tag of this bike. While the price bought some smile to those who were new to the super bikes scene, soon that initial lot of Harley Davidson patrons in India were left with regrets. Customers who bought this bike in year 2014 and 2015 later realized that they spent their hard earned money on monster wheels with totally in-effective braking system due to inferior quality parts used to save few dollars. Also, many individual reviews claim that the older braking system was not at all compatible for Indian extreme climate and road/traffic conditions.

Even though the automaker claims that HD Street 750 is duly certified by International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), and is in compliance with requirements of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules of India, the users opinion totally differ when it comes to the units rolled out in 2014 & 2015. Also we get to see many local and international reviews that warn riders of poor brakes and brake failures on pre-2016 HD Street 750 bikes. To make life easier for audience I'm sharing some links here.


After several reports of the brakes failing partially or completely to provide adequate stopping power & master cylinder failure due to high engine heat, the automaker introspected the issue and upgraded the same on the MY2016 edition with complete overhaul by adding Bigger Rotors, all New 34 mm dual Pistons, Improved brake lines, replacing Sintered brake pads with Brembo, adding all new Aluminium master cylinder with change in its placement. If brakes in 2014 & 15 models of street were adequate, as claimed by Harley Davidson, we all would like to know some acceptable answer behind this overhaul within one and half years of launch.
In absence of mandatory recall policy in India, the first owners of Harley Davidson Street 750 are still living with same shoddy brakes and Harley has done nothing even after several fatal accidents of Street 750 riders. I have been following many facebook posts in bike riding groups and pages like H.R.I https://www.facebook.com/groups/1********194192/ Highway Rangers https://www.facebook.com/HighwayBrothersGroup/?fref=ts and many more. Everywhere I found people complaining about inadequate brakes in Street 750 rolled out in Year 2014 & 15. Personally met lot of them.

Myself Udham Singh Hooda from Delhi https://www.facebook.com/udhamsinghhooda , I also initiated a movement against Harley Davidson’s ignorance to recall these bikes. “I loved Harley Davidson from the age when I couldn’t spell it well. Waited long and when I managed to own one, my dreams of enjoying a ride that offers freedom got shattered. Harley’s slogan SCREW IT, LETS RIDE didn’t really satisfy me when I realized that brakes in my Street 750 are adequate to screw my road safety while riding it. The rear brakes of my Street 750 were never up to the mark but recently in August when I went for a long ride to Shimla, which was approx 400 Kms one way, my motorcycle brakes suddenly failed to respond. We stopped for an hour and then it worked as earlier but I covered rest of the distance with no confidence and lot of fear about brakes. I never expected this to happen and I have lost all my trust on the brand Harley Davidson"

Sai Ghanesh https://www.facebook.com/ghanesh.shan?fref=ts from Chennai had much disturbing story to share. “Recently when I was riding my Street 750 at speed of 70 Km/hr, I applied brakes to slow down and the next second I found myself rolling on the road after falling on my face. All that happened because my front wheel got locked suddenly. He also showed his helmet that actually backed his story”.

Sauraj Bhardwaj https://www.facebook.com/sauraj.bhardwaj?fref=ts “Im totally disappointed with the brakes in my street 750 and the response of Harley Davidson India. They claim to have some certificates. I didn’t buy Harley Davidson for those certificates. I bought it because I had faith and love for Harley Davidson. Will never go for this brand again”.

Rakesh Choudhary (name changed on his request) who do lot of mods on super bikes says “Problem with older models of Street750 is the undersized braking system which could be adequate for 200-300 CC motorbikes but not for a 750 CC machines that weighs 220 Kgs. At times I receive calls from Street 750 owners who face master cylinder failure due to engine heat and complete brakes failure issues. Master cylinder issues are due to wrong placement and the material used to cast it. Post 2015 models comes with totally upgraded brakes but yes still ABS is missing and I hope Harley will soon add one.
And the list is long....Don’t have so much space to mention every interview.

Recently many Indian customers went out to the extent of protesting in different towns to let Harley announce the recall they have been expecting since they realized that brakes aren’t adequate.

On NOV 6, hundreds of Street 750 owners and other bike enthusiasts gathered to raise their voice. Spokesperson of Highway Rangers https://www.facebook.com/HighwayBrothersGroup/?fref=ts confirmed that they also invited Managing Director of Harley Davidson India to come and answer their queries, but no one responded. Sanjay from Highway Rangers also had glitches with the media. “We invited 29 reporters, but no one turned up. No one care for the life of fellow Citizens”

The link to different protests held in Chennai and New Delhi are attached below.



You must watch this live video https://www.facebook.com/udhamsinghhooda while protesting at the spot where Harley Davidson was launching a new bike.

I really want to ask Harley Davidson, do you really feel that all these riders who own premium bikes have so much of time to waste if there is no problem in brakes?

Complainant's Goal: Harley Davidson should recall all Street 750 bikes rolled out in Year 2014 & 15.
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiSouth Delhi
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Recent Comments
Sun, 26 Feb 2017  Frank Pellegrino

The brakes on my 2016 Street 750 work poorly and we're not capable of stopping my motorcycle which lead to additional accident injuries.

Thu, 17 Nov 2016  Nilesh langaliya

Im an owner of street from surat. Its goin to b 2 years of owning it. There are problems i faced aftr driving some kms. Brake issues are been seen. Company want us to chng brakes with bew system bt im nt satisfied wid that. We own a brand, they should provide us good services. It a question to the H.D. Y is this nt taken as an action in Indian motorcycles. Im in support with everyone. Hope to see the result n the chnge very soon.

Thu, 17 Nov 2016  Rajul Kochher

The brakes are not up to mark & I recommend recall.. several times the bike has been sent to service center for fixing the issue but the results are still same...

Thu, 17 Nov 2016  Virender Sharma

Hi friends or not
Indian market does not have any good two wheelar option though

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Kashyap

It's not at all safe for anyone to use that kind of brakes especially in a country like this.. I have always had a problem with these brakes. It's a disgrace that Harley Davidson Motor company is not doing anything about it.

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Punniya Kumar

Street 750 is an excellent bike apart from brakes, I found this when I test rode this, but I thought it is manageable and went on to buy it in 2015. That's my bad decision, I did good practice sessions with braking but when it comes to emergency situations it fails you, I luckily escaped in a crash without much damage. I can't understand why Harley can't provide good stopping power while they put a monstrous 750cc engine on wheels most importantly when bikes less than 2lacs can have good stopping power with abs. They improved the braking in 2016 models and still shamelessly reluctant to recall and fix the old machines. When I bought this Harley for 6lacs I thought it is too much of money but when the bike failed with poor braking, I stopped riding Harley. I bought a Kawasaki versys 1000 for triple the price of it. I think it is worth spending so much to ride something lot more safer. Except the braking and shameful Harley policy, that bike is awesome.

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Ranjit Radhan

Street 750 has been one of best bikes I have driven so far, apart from the crappy brakes... I own a street 750 model 2014.. I have no idea why they would release such a dangerous machine without brakes or rather with brakes that fail on u... I have skidded, fallen and almost had an accident thrice all cause of the brakes..

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Shafeeq kabeer

Special thanks to udham singh to make this as a serious issue .. #harleydavidson authority in india have to open there eyes. We need justice becoz we value our life. We dont want anythng else just rectify the problem and make a gud relationship with HOG. I have met 2 major accidents due to this braking problem with GOD grace nothing happend to me its not because of quality of street jus becoz of prayer of my family and im in full riding gears.. so please please please rectify the pblm. We value our life. Im owning the model 4/2014. Till now i have ride only 8200 km only. I dont have that much confidence to go for a ride with this drastic braking system.. hope you will undrrstand our feelings n pblms..

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Sameer Kelkar

I fully agree with all people here. At the same speed (i.e 80kmph), CBZ stops in half the distance of 750. I am not very sure about all other factors (like bike weight) affecting this, but that is scary.

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Hetal patel

The brakes on my street 750 are very bad and it makes the bike very dangerous and our lives are very precious.pls. replce tham with new abs breck..

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Mohammed Yousef

The break on my street 750 are very poor quality... its play with our lives.. please replace with the new abs system

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Ajith

I had several incident in my HARLEY street 750.. Faulty breaks for street

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  CHIKKU BABU

Thanks to Udham Singh for raising such an alarming shortfall from one of the oldest and largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Me too own a 6/2014 made Harley Davidson Street 750 (XG-750) since July which I don't use due to poor brakes. Since this is a design failure, dealer service couldn't do much to rectify the same and hence every single owner is risking his life whenever he take the bike out for a ride. Not more than 2℅ of owners exist who haven't suffered an accident or fall due to poor brakes.
Several attempts were made by many owners in pan India wrote to HD regarding this but they ignored it saying everything is perfect.

However, in 2015 HD released an upgraded model of the same bike with totally fresh design of brake system. This has each and every component designed freshly in terms of construction and dimension resulting in improved braking efficiency.This design indeed helped improve the braking efficiency. This also reaffirms that HD was aware of poor braking efficiency and knowingly pushed the same into the market risking life of its owners. Interesting thing is that this upgraded model doesn't have any other modified part other than the brakes.
As such, This cannot be ignored and tolerated anymore and the judiciary here shud strongly intervene considering this as a grave offence and make the manufacturer comeup with recall of all 2014 Street 750's to replace the entire brakes system immediately.

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Praveen Gupta

The brakes on 2014 and 2015 models of Street 750 have been designed poorly, that's why Harley-Davidson changed the braking system on 2016 model. However, the riders who had bought the earlier models still have to live with poor brakes endangering their lives.

Harley-Davidson should recall pre 2016 Street 750 models and replace the braking system

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  R. Keshavamurthy

Harley Davidson is only interested in making huge profits. They are least bothered about their humble and loyal customers. Never ever buy an harley again. Lost all my faith on this company.

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Vikas Jain

I agree with the above . The brakes on my street 750 are very bad and it makes the bike very dangerous and our lives are very precious

Wed, 16 Nov 2016  Husain Asgar

Just wanna say really regret to be a Harley Davidson Owner