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Complaint by: Krishna on August 6, 2012, 8:01 pm in Mobile Service Providers

Dear sir,

Just one week back one of the Idea representative person had visited
our company, and he was offered CUG connections for our company
employees, so I had ported my number from Airtel to Idea because of
hike in call charges in Airtel. After 15 days my number was ported to
Idea, after one week 02-08-2012, I had received a message from Idea,
that my documents were not sufficient to continue the service and they
require more documents to process, but they didn't tell which
documents they require. With immediately I had informed and forwarded
this message to that representative who sold the SIM to me. He
promised that there is no problem persist and you need not worry about
that. After this on 04-08-2012 they were barred my out going calls at
9am. From that time I have approached them in many ways and many times
none of the persons won't take it serious,and there is no proper
response, but till now the problem is remains unsolved, the customer
care is really useless, they are helpless, before this I had been
maintained the same number 9652205007 in Airtel since 3 and half
years, but I had never faced such a problem. If there is really any
problem like this with me they intimate each and every issue over
voice call to me, but here it didn't happen. so please look into this
matter and take action against them for not to repeat again the
problem like this way and do needful. one of the Idea customer care
representative told me at 198 the appellate and grievance had been
removed according to TRAI rules and complaint numbers registered are
144255273 and 144253351.

I would like to suggest a few guidelines to each and every service
provider is that,
1) If there is a real problem with us (customers) before taking any
action please inform us over voice call not by a message which is
useless because of some uneducated people.
2) Already if u had taken any action, when ever we (Customers) contact
you, please accept and release the problem and provide the time to
solve the problem (if it is really from our side), there after
implement the action which ever you have to do, if the problem remains
unsolved with in stipulated time which was given by you. Because in my
example without intimation first you had barred my out going calls,
after that you have been taking your own time to resolve the issue in
the mean time what would we do with out outgoing calls, you don't know
how terrible this is?

Please, let me know who will be the verifying officer/person
immediately. It will help to co-operate each other and to complete
the entire process as soon possible. This is the actual mistake your
people are doing again and again and getting the wrong information
which will be provided by your representative.

I could not believe your representatives those who are taking over all
this processes. Because none of your personnel without visiting our
home, how they will tell the address was negative. the entire
processes and system which you are following is meaningless, from
today on wards please let us (Customers) know, which action or process
you are going attempt which are related to our services. Don't put
your belief on your personnel only which was happened in my case.
Don't be silly, it's not a computer video game to take all the
controls in your single hand. Don't be silly be serious. I hope it
will be the your last and first mistake against me.

And one more request I asking that:

1) Who was the person sent for address verification, his name and phone number.

2) who took the decision to barring my out going calls, with out
intimating me over voice call. His phone number and rank, I asking him
here is it the right way to do so.?

I think it's the best way to leave your service when ever and as soon
as it is possible!

I pray the god to collapse and get the unpopularity and soon will be
go away in India in this market. What's the hell of this. Worst
personnel, worst network, worst responsibility showing on the
customer.No one has minimum commonsense in my issue.

Best regards,
Siva Rama Prasad.Yarlagadda

Complainant's Goal: To restore My Outgoing Calls
Complainant's Target: Idea Cellular Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshMahbubnagar

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