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Complaint by: venkat on January 29, 2019, 3:14 pm in Internet Related

Sir, I am Venkat from Hyderabad. Based on the messages got from Manish Malhotra(As he introduced like that) he mentioned 70:30 Ratio in Option market). I contacted Mr.Manish Malhotra on 25/DEC/2018. He spoke well and assured me to give weekly 2 calls and he asked me to deposit Rs.25,000 in his AXIS Bank in name of EGHAL Traders, AC NAME:- EGHAL TRADERS
, AC NO:- ********6048803,
IFSC CODE :- UTIB0000165,
AXIS BANK. I deposited on 26Dec2018 to his account and the reference no is ( REF NO:-********1416). Initially the First week he has given 2 calls and made a profit of 1,50,000 rs/- so on a basis of 70: 30 sharing his share is 45000 but he asked to pay round figure of 50,000 rs/-. Later on, he started the game I didn't realize that he is planning to blame. So he started a new version saying Every month we have a Block deal in that you will get 10 times profit for that you need to register minimal amount then you will get a confirmation message from our company. So I transferred an amount of 1116 rs (REF NO: IMPS000********).

Then to trade block deal from operators side the minimal amount is 2,00,000 rs and you will get SMS from our company side he said like that also he said if you have not that money I will transfer that amount to the acc department then you can transfer to me within 2 days then again trusted him and agreed. As he said I got messages from BT-MALADS for that I have submitted My Aadhar card and Cancelled Check. This process happened on 8Jan 2019.
As I committed him I have transferred to 2,00,000 + 50000(30 percent share of 150000) total 250000 rs on 9Dec2019 transferred to him(REF NO: IMPS000********(2,00,000 rs) and REF NO:- IRI3685920(50,000 rs)) and he confirmed that as well.

As per his words, the block deal was to book profit within 1day on 10jan 2019 on Thursday but that not happened. Then I came to know that he is hiding something then I started calling since Thursday he didn't pick my calls till Friday evening. But he called me back on around 11:30 PM on Friday and said due to fast market movement that deal was on hold we will wait till Monday then I conveyed somewhat and finally before dropping the call he mentioned due to some urgent meetings I may not be available on Saturday and Sunday and I said ok. From that day onwards he is not picking up my call and seems to blocked my number.

Totally I lossed the amount of 25000+1116+50000+200000=276116 RS. And his Mobile No is: ********46 and his account no (AC NAME:- EGHAL TRADERS
, AC NO:- ********6048803,
IFSC CODE :- UTIB0000165,

I was invested based on his false hope. Now I realized that he is a fraud. I request you to take action on this fraud person and to get my hard earned money

Complainant's Goal: Take action on this fraudster and to get me my money
Complainant's Target: Eghal Traders
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad
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