tamilnadu transport - Complaint against bus conductor and driver in coimbatore
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Complaint by: sensow on October 24, 2012, 5:30 pm in Public Transportation and Taxi

I travelled in government bus in coimbatore in tamilnadu.the bus was travelling from coimbatore(singanallur bus stand) to kumily.on 19/10/2012.(5:45 p.m evening)But my stop was theni. i was carrying 2 lakh rupees in bus.I came earlier and i came earlier and placed a seat and kept the bag which was visible to me which had 2 lakh rupees and i was safe with that.I was sitting in 3 row seat.the bus was about to start.before 5 minutes.almost the bus was filled expect an two seats on left side and one person in our seat was empty.conductor came with three girls and said me to getup.me and other person was sitting in that seat.I said i cant.Before explaining .He started shouting.he didnt allow me to speak.the other person who was sitting behind me got scared and he moved to other seat.I went to him to say about the bag which has money.within that the conductor pulled my hand and said girls are waiting but u r sitting in rouge voice.That too i was sitting in two seat before last seat.I am an M.E graduate.I have dignity.So i didnt speak anything to the conductor. i also changed the seat and also he insulted me infront of girls in speakin in bad words.In this situation how can speak to the conductor about having money.I got angry on him but i didnt do anything to him.the bus was moving i was scared about the money at the same am insulted infront of girls distrubed me a lot. Iwas mentally distrubed while travelling for about 5 hours.after my destination came.I went to the conductor and spoke gently and politely .and i said in this i have two lakh rupee beacause of your misbehaving i got insulted,scared and loosed my dignity infront of girls.again the conductor started shouting the bus driver came at the moment without knowing anything the driver said we will do whatever we want. if u r not comfortable u should have got down from the bus.after that i turned every public in bus stand was looking us.again i got insulted.I went calm because of having money in my bag .This incident distrubed me a lot.It initiated me to do something the conductor.I took a knife from kitchen and moved to coimbatore (singanallur bus stand) at same time (5:45) to kill the bus conductor and driver.I couldnt find them.I want justice .I need to take revenge on them.I am really distrubed mentally.I went to a lawyer.he said consumer complaint no use at all.go and see ur work don spoil ur future he calmed me down(friend's lawer).and guided me to complain through onine.thats y i am doing.I need justice.plz do something to the bus conductor and driver.I didnt miss my money because i placed it safely before getting into the bus.when madea change in seat i was not able to see bag.each and every minute i was scaring will the money be safe for five hours.

Complainant's Goal: government busConductor and Driver have to be punished severly.
Complainant's Target: tamilnadu transport
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil Nadu
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6 days ago  Saravanakumar B

Today morning 10am traveling in the bus. That bus playing sound music but high volume not hearing. I informed many times but bus conductor is not responsible. ??????? ???????? ?????? ???? ????????? ????? ?????????????? pls action this situation

1 month ago  Sandeep

Complaint against TRS lakshmi BUS.
I travelled gandhipuram to saravanampatti Conductor and driver not stopped bus in saravanampatti 30/03/24 time 4.00pm iam in a critical condition.... But saravanampatti is main stopping in coimbatore. Point to point busses also stopping there. Iam highly dis appointment with that conductor.Please take this complaint to TSR LAKSHMI BUS owners thank you
Mobile number ********34

1 month ago  Mohammed thahir

RPT private bus , dangerous driving skills , rush ride , distrubing the public ,, tn 37bh7417

2 months ago  Sri

the bus conductor behaviour is very worst and he talk bad words to mee so iam very disappointed

Wed, 15 Nov 2023  Tamilselvi

Coimbatore to ondipudur bus name vijay bus conductor will speak rudely to passenger bad words please kindly take the action

Tue, 31 Oct 2023  Priya

Iam an working person well I finished my work at 8oclock and I go to bus stand and I get 77 it will go on thirupur road . Well I got the bus in townhall every day , today the bus was in the signa. iam near to the signal so I came and enter the bus .. when I came to the bus iam talking to my manager about the salary .. then I enter the bus and taked a seat .. after that conductor was came and giving those tickets for everyone but he did not give to me then I asked that I need a ticket pls give it to me .. for that he said I don't give you because why you came in signal.. I said , In that signal no vehicles are moved so i saw that and get the bus ,why what's your problem then he said your family members are trusting you in every single seconda don't break that don't be like that .. everyone are watching through me ... First of all If I cross the signal means I'll miss the bus because 77 wouldn't being same everyday .. one day they will stop in the bus stand and the other they won't ... This is reason to complain about the conductor ... BUS NUMBER : TN 38 BN3199

Sat, 28 Oct 2023  Anusha G

Iam a government college student where I have the privilage to travel free in red bus.27/10/2023-12.00pm
I travelled in the red bus -111 ,my stop is cms bus stop
But in my id card there have written street name and city name ganapathy.. The while surrounding are ganapathy..
But the driver intented to me and said you have to stop in ganapathy bus stand. How he can say my stop ..where my home located I have to land off according to that.
And he started arguments and stop the bus everyone was notice me ...it been a small commotion...
We never asked for bus pass ,but the government provided it then they can't make appropriate action it...
Even I call them there is no response in bus complain.
IS not a first time ...for me ..
Every student are suffering because their attitudes.
make a appropriate action against it.
The conduct name - parameswaran

Sat, 19 Aug 2023  C k deepak kumar

Bus contoctor use bad words to me


Bus contoctor bad words use to me TN 38CV 2824

Sat, 05 Aug 2023  mega shree

In bus number 100 route cheran managar the conductor behaves rudely as he doesn't sees the person who's getting out of the bus he behaves to the gilrs in very bad manner plss take certain action on this conductor

Wed, 02 Aug 2023  Deepa

I'm in now 45 sri kumaranbus. This bus connecter is very cheating person. ticket rate is
8rs. Bt he collected 10rs. It's regularly happened

Sun, 09 Jul 2023  Sivaprasath. K

Thangam bus coimbatore to mettupalayam ,thangam bus ..actually our stop was raakkipalayam but the conductor gave the ticket to the narasimanayakampalayam ok thats enough but we request to the conductor to stop at raakkipalayam but the conductor said get out of our bus and he behaves like bad and he talks about our family these was toomuch actually we don't know the name of conductor.and much important thing is he not wearing uniform so I kindly request to coimbatore bus commity take immediate action and suspend the conductor atleast 2 months ( thangam bus service coimbatore) thank you

Fri, 19 May 2023  Tamilselvan

Sir Iam a autodriver , last day evening 5.25in nhroad,4number private bus driver fighting me he was told a bad words to me , sir Iam very disturb . Please help me. I have to go back. Place:five corner cbe.

Sat, 08 Apr 2023  Brindha

I traveled in Sangeeta 1A private bus this evening, she bought me a higher fare, from Alverni matriculations stop to vgm hospital, fare only Rs.5 in all private buses. But in this bus only they charge Rs.7 always.They charge same fare from Alvernia matriculations stop to jai shanthi stop and vgm stop. I humbly request you to take appropriate decision in this regard.

Mon, 17 Oct 2022  Subhiksha K

I'm studying 11th grade. Everyday day i have to go in bus after finishing school at evening 5:30 . I travelled in 14d in special bus (Gandhipuram to isha) I'm with one of my friend she have to go little long distance to reach her home. But i have a only 3 stops from my school my stop is 4th. The bus conductor ask to where is your stop I say my stop name but he didn't allowed me in bus with rude and harsh behavior and I have to travel in that bus because there is no bus it's take time to bus come and also I have to reach my home early then I don't know what to do then I travel in that bus. After he speak with me with rude behavior and there was a so many people I was insulted. But there was a door in the bus he have to close the door with rules but he didn't close the door so many students are standing in the steps there was a lot of space in the bus in centre but the people didn't accupay places I don't know why the peoples doing this but the conductor didn't have a sense how to speak with the people

Thu, 13 Jan 2022  manuel

Hi sir I'm Manuel from Coimbatore when I was traveling on JAN 11 2022 10:45am from Coimbatore to anaikatty bus (TN38 N 3147 35 km I have chainsaw machine 7kg I took ticket for me 23 rupees and chain saw 12 rupees I gave 60 rupees he didn't give balance amount of 25 rupees then I asked to the conductor he told laggege charge is(jasthi varum) too much so adjust (pannikin) Then conductor went then I told please give me the balance I need show the ticket to my company and also give the balace to my company owner so the conductor gave to me again 12X12 rupees two tickets gave totally 60Rs I spent then I asked he replayed are you happy now

Sun, 11 Mar 2018  Daniel David Ram Narayanan

I traveled in the bus No 8A ( Private Bus) from Ramanathapuram to Govt hospital. Usally they give Rs.6 ticket but always they give instead of 6 rupees they give 8 rupees ticket at night time ( 10.30 pm). when i asked the conductor seems he told usally we giving like that only. And also he return the money and ask me get down from the bus. That time i urgent to catch the my train. So i request you to take nessary action to the conductor as well as the bus company.It will not happended to other people.