civil engineer - cheated of money by a civil contractor
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Complaint by: Lakshmi on April 9, 2018, 9:48 am in Building and Construction


I employed Nellyadi civil contractors a week ago to raise the kitchen floor of my house , remove the granite counter top and to shift the position of my washing machine by providing inlet and outlet water pipe,and shift water filter and 2 taps. The company sent me a quotation online for Rs.40000/- (Rs. 28000/- only for flooring) and took an advance of Rs. 20000/- through cheque. They lied that they are using Century water and fire resistant ply wood for the kitchen floor. When the flooring was done, they spilled water all over it to start plumbing work. The wooden flooring became moist. We asked them to remove the wooden flooring. Water had seeped down and the entire kitchen and hall was filled with water.

They fixed a pipe and provided inlet, outlet water and shifted the machine and removed the granite counter top. For the work they have done, it's not worth more than Rs.4000/-. We asked them to return part of our money or to come back and do the rest of the work. According to the work quotation, they still have to fix the granite top and a sink. They have left the plywood pieces and other materials in my house and have not turned up. Mr.Vijaykumar who was the main person sent to my house said over the phone yesterday that they cannot continue the work unless we pay them the remaining amount. Mr.Maingandan who was supervising the work is not even answering our phone calls.

I would appreciate if I can get back at least Rs.15000/ back. They can take back their cheap materials. I trust you'll help me get my money back. Mr. Vijaykumar has registered his business with also under kaushik Civil Works.

Complainant's Goal: To get my money back ---- at least half of what I've already given
Complainant's Target: civil engineer
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore
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