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Complaint by: ROHINTON PATEL on August 9, 2018, 9:47 am in Others

My wife was operated on 27.07.18 by Dr Yogendra Ravi at Ravi Hospital, Vasai west, 401202. During my wife's operation, his C Arm Machine conked off. He continued with the screw insertion blindly ending up with a wrong fitment which need to be corrected in another hospital. Small insertion was made into a bigger insertion as he operated blindly. He also drilled 3 cavities into my wife's bone compromising it; which latter had to be filled up with bone grafting material in another hospital. Drain tube was fitted into the fat and not in the bone. SS screw was used instead of Titanium even after earlier discussion. I would recommend withdrawing his medical license to operate on any individual given the state of his equipment's and hospital facilities.

Complainant's Goal: Wihdraw the doctor's license to practice and prevent any future botched up opera
Complainant's Target: RAVI HOSPITAL
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraThane
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